12th Mar 2001, 19:19

This is a car to have. I bought the car when I was 19, cause I wanted something that was quick, both 0-60 and top end, but also want the luxuries and comfort... This is a car that gets top marks for all three! They are very robust... mines done 214K now, and the performance is still as it was when it came out of the factory. There is only one major fault with the GSi 24v, and that is the timing chain. Otherwise they are fantastic.! :-) eats hot-hatches for dead.

23rd May 2001, 15:55

The Carlton GSi 24v and Senator 24v are the most underrated cars ever produced. They are 150 mph supercars which will eat anything on the road.

They are as reliable as Mercs and I bet that nobody can find a car which moves like this for 1000 quid. Mines done 170,000 and you'd swear it had done 17,000. No leaks, rattles, no oil burnt. The engine works as efficiently as the day it left the factory. I would recommend one to anybody.

2nd Aug 2001, 11:59

I've read all of those above comments with great interest being a GSi owner myself. Mines a '92 24v which I've just had Superchipped (worthwhile gaining an extra 8bhp at the wheels@5,500rpm) and its simply fantastic. Yes, I agree, they are very much underated cars being comfortable, simply great to drive and incredibly reliable! Fantastic stuff!

20th May 2002, 10:51

My Carlton 24v is a 1990, and I really rate them. I used to have a Manta with a 24v conversion... but it never quite made the grade due to running problems. Now I know what a 24v should be like.

Also, with knowledge and advice from http://www.autobahnstormers.org/ you can fix them yourself and find any bits you need. Heaven is a 24v!

23rd May 2003, 13:19

I too have a GSI 24v. It is a far better car performance wise and comfort wise than the BMW 5 series I had before. Mine has covered 109000 miles. The only problem so far has been the clutch pedal ram. Very expensive to replace, a small plastic lug snaps, but the whole unit has to be changed. Fun car. Great value. Great performance.

19th Apr 2004, 12:40

I've had both 12v and 24v models (the latter being the one to go for!). Fantastic car - unfortunately it's getting hard to find a good one. Once you get into 3rd gear (which pulls to 100mph) there isn't too much on the road that will keep up with it. My father currently has a 24v model that has clocked 340,000 miles.

6th Aug 2004, 14:48

Hey, I've just done the M55>M61>M65 at 8pm and not one car could match or attempted to take me. The speedo reading went to 160+mph and the cars I past just seemed to be standing still. I have a GSI 24v and agree its one of the most underrated sports saloons (and I've had a few) around, all the comforts of a family car with speed and handling to match. Top car, next on my list is a BMW M5. Rosey!

20th Dec 2004, 05:45

Iv just bought a 24v carlton they are a super car very fast and hopefully reliable bring back the gsi carlton.

2nd Jan 2005, 06:39

I owned a 2.0GLi Carlton and was about to look for a Carlton GSI 24V when I saw a Jaguar XJ40 3.2S

Though I enjoyed "owning a Jag" my old 2 LITRE Carlton did everything better except overtake. The Jag has neither Aircon or Cruise, is a comparatively cramped, has half the bootspace and has currently been off the road with an electrical fault for 6 weeks. My Carlton cost me £1300, my Jag £3500 and the Carlton in £495 trade in.

My mistake. I wanted a badge (BMW, Jag, Merc etc) now I want a CAR! My new year resolution is clear!

Sell the Jag. Buy the GSI 24V like I should have done in the first place!

2nd Feb 2005, 05:21

I know I have had 150 mph out of a Carlton GSI, and certainly surprised a Porsche Boxster with it. I simply adore these cars. I average 25 MPG, but more on motorways if I drive carefully, and there is room for the entire family plus luggage. I would recommend the following changes if you buy one -

* Change the engine mounts.

* Get a chip change from http://www.autobahnstormers.org/ (as they have a properly mapped one, which doesn't just dump extra fuel in).

* Fit a performance air filter (using an adapter plate).

* Get a stainless exhaust from Longlife.

31st Dec 2005, 13:00

Following my Jag 3.2S letting me down I did eventually get it fixed (main dealer) yet still hankered after a Carlton GSI. After almost getting an XJS I came upon my ideal car: Carlton GSI 24V with Lotus body kit and genuine Lotus Carlton wheels, resprayed in the original metallic light blue. Needless to say I adore it! Brutally fast, smooth etc etc! I Was delighted to see a group of young fellows photographing the beast with their mobile phones!Nothing matches it for supercar presence! The best kept secret in fast car motoring! :-)

1st May 2006, 15:52

I think the 0-60 times about 7 seconds actually.

17th Aug 2006, 09:55

They do 0-60 in 6.6 seconds 0-100 in about 18 seconds and can top out at about 149 mph not bad for a big car and I'm getting one in 2 days!! :)

30th Sep 2006, 15:03

I originally owned a 1988 gsi 12v which was super quick and in sports left my old mans supra 24v trailing in it's wake... I then went for a 24v and I'll be the only bloke who will say that compared to the 12 I was disapointed with it.. must have had a bad one cos I have just purchased a 12v on a g plate and again it's awesome and will kill boy racers dead.. I love the 12v and they are thin on the ground now... hail to the beast.

29th Dec 2008, 17:46

I'm looking for a GSi 3000 24v. I've had an automatic in the past and would like a manual version this time. If you have or know of anything that may be of interest, drop me an email on Jamesgsi@yahoo.co.uk. Feel free to email anytime as you never know, I may still be looking..

28th Aug 2009, 04:27

My dad had a 24v in the early 90's that I would borrow every now and then. I managed an easy indicated 156 mph up a hill.

I remember for a fact that What Car at the time managed a 6.3 sec time to 60 as the with the standard limited slip differential they could dump the clutch at 3k revs for easy getaways... I was never beaten in that car although it could be very tail happy in the wet :)

Boy racers eventually killed my dad's, car which was a very sad day as my dad kept it until about 2002.

She was silver...!

15th Nov 2010, 16:51

I'm Matt. I'm in the East Midlands. I bought my GSI back in July 2010, and had an O2 sensor replaced, duel ram fixed, new fuel pump, new back box, twin pipe, full service, new engine mounts, and let me tell you it was well worth it; the car runs at its top speed 151mph. It's ffffffffff freaking fast, and pulls like a frigging Concorde jet.

Yes, they are old classic motors, but it still is one of the handsomest motors on the roads. I think the Carlton GSI looks a lot sleeker and smarter than the Lotus Carlton. The Lotus Carlton is over done with far too much plastic kit. The Evo 500, they both have too much plastic bolted to them, plus turbos wear; it's a lot of money if things go bad. I recommend the real rude boy; the Vauxhall Carlton 3000 24v.

22nd Nov 2010, 05:41

Rick in Romford.

I own a Vectra, but all the Omegas and Vectras should have had a choice of the perfect straight six duel ram engine 24v. When Vauxhall built the Carlton 3000, that was the car to have. All my mates love the Carlton. I hope one day Vauxhall will bring back the Carlton; I bet people would scream out for it, and pay top price. BRING BACK THE CARLTON 3000!!!

2nd Jul 2015, 07:32

Carlton GSi 3000 always wanted. If you're thinking of selling, please e-mail details to Jamesgsi@yahoo.co.uk

25th Sep 2015, 13:44

I am looking for Carlton GSI 24v 204 BHP parts or car. Please email Geoff on gs.c@virgin.net

Thank you.