1992 Vauxhall Cavalier GSi2000 2WD 2.0i 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


1 CV joint replacement.

1 track rod replacement

New cambelt (service).

General Comments:

The GSi is a superb car and I love it. I bought mine with 98K 14 months ago and as you can see I have had no major problems.

If you want comfort and performance from the best looking Cavalier in the range then it has to be the GSi

I would strongly recommend FSH, but mileage is no problem. The 2.0 16v will run forever if looked after.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2000

1992 Vauxhall Cavalier MkIII GL 1.8i petrol from UK and Ireland


The water pump went at 103k but not much else to say tyres wear quickly but I drive quite fast round bends. Brake light switch went cost me 67p for a replacement.

General Comments:

Great all round car. Ii handles well, it has more power than most 2.0 litre cars about and is damn reliable.

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Review Date: 7th September, 1999

20th Apr 2004, 05:55

I had a cavailer from new 1992 it is now 11 years old I love it not a problem one new arch that is it but it is well looked after .

1992 Vauxhall Cavalier GLi 2.0 8v petrol from UK and Ireland


Dash board lights failed.

Brake light switch broke.

Rear number plate light, sidelight and headlight bulbs blew.

CV joint broke.

Lumbar adjustment on drivers seat broke.

Rattles come from just about everywhere.

Jerky gear change.

Height adjustment on steering broken.

General Comments:

I have owned a Cavalier before and had no problems. This 2.0 GLi has to be one of the worst cars I have owned. The rattles and creaks drive me mad on long journeys. The steering wheel height is very uncomfortable, resembles driving a bus. The stereo and speakers are very poor. On the good side fuel economy is good, 300+ miles from a full tank.

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Review Date: 11th July, 1999

30th Nov 2000, 11:49

Good maintainance by previous owners has a big effect on the reliability of a Cavalier. My 92 2.0 GLI has covered over 250,000 miles on the original engine thanks to the last 2 owners sticking to service schedules (which I also have stuck to).

Dan Kureen, Isle of Wight.

30th Apr 2001, 12:03

I also own a 1992 Cavalier GLI. Surely you must have noticed the height adjustment stalk on the steering column!


9th Jan 2002, 08:59

250,000 miles! WOW!! That's one hell of a good car you have got there. I wonder how many miles a cavalier can do in its lifetime. I know of one that's done 198,000, but 250,000 takes some beating. Good luck and keep servicing!

14th Jan 2002, 10:17

My 92 GLi must have lead an easy life at only 115k, however, the last 7k were spent touring through Europe last summer stuffed with camping gear and bikes on the back. She went through Swiss Alps, down into Croatia and managed to clock motorway speeds of 100+ in 40c heat over 3-4 hours (with about 375 miles on a tank of gas)! What a car, I now hope to own her for the next 115k and beyond!


1992 Vauxhall Cavalier Expression 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Sump gasket at 30k miles.

Exhaust system 31K miles.

Electric fan thermostat switch at 32k miles.

Thermostat at 35k miles.

Handbrake cable 42k miles.

Front brake pads 43k miles.

Gas strut for tailgate came lose at 45k miles.

Central locking on tailgate failed at 45k miles.

General Comments:

Car purchased second-hand for friend at 13k miles and 3 years old. Car now 6.5 years old with 50k miles.

Original tyres Michelin MXT's lasted 50k miles after being swapped around the car (excellent).

Car driven to Italy on 2 week holiday and covered 3.5k miles. Car comfortable. Good sized boot. 35-40 miles per gallon pretty good consumption.

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Review Date: 14th March, 1999

5th Jan 2001, 12:36

I have owned an identical Cavalier since September 1999. Bought on 72,000 miles, it was used for heavy work journeys. A very impressive cruiser!

Problems started to occur @ 93,000 miles. One of the pistons cracked, an expensive engine overhaul was required.

Central locking on the tailgate also never worked.

I had rust repaired on the rear near-side arch (they have a tendancy to go 'frilly' there and on the bonnet due to stone chips from the high miles).

Apart from little squeaks and rattles the car valiantly plodded on until it was unfortunately written off in December, the event of which certainly proved that they are a tough car and I was very lucky!