9th Dec 2004, 06:19

I agree I had a cavalier V6 and only had a few problems. The problems were simple things such as small sensors like the ABS sensor, but this was easy to fix - a couple of quid second hand. I now have a Vectra v6 and this is a problem... The cavalier was much more reliable and cheaper to run, with more pace and not all the electrical gremlins which come with newer cars such as the Vectra.

1st Jul 2005, 12:24

I must disagree about poor reliability. The v6 I have is both amazingly fast, economical (for a high performance motor) reliable, robust and whenever I think of my first 140mph drive in it (on a private road officer!) I grin from ear to ear!!! Rock on CAVALIER V6!!!

4th Nov 2005, 10:03

I agree, I have had two cavalier v6's and they are superb cars. my cesaro has 155k on the clock now and still fires up first time and runs with no problems. the performance is supreme.

14th Nov 2005, 02:47

I've only had my 1994 Cavalier V6 auto for about a month, but I am very impressed with it. Performance with the sports auto box is exceptional. I replaced the cam belt as there was no evidence of a recent change, cost about £200; it would have gone on, but I needed the peace of mind.

I've driven, and still do 24v Senators, but there is no real difference in the performance. The trouble is Senators, which I like, are beginning to rust away, but the Cavalier V6 seem to be better rust proofed.

In all a good car, which will impress any driver competent enough to form their own opinions.

27th Nov 2007, 14:18

Never had any major problems with my cavalier 2.5 V6.

A excellent car all round.

29th Nov 2007, 13:42

Future classics for sure. keep hold of it if you have one!

20th Nov 2008, 17:46

Indeed, keep your Cav V6 and do not get the Vectra V6 (1995 - 1999). I did and regretted it. It's a handsome beast to look at, but my 1998 Vectra 2.5 V6 Sport died the day I bought it from a guy who was selling it on Ebay - I think I was conned!

The Vectra is an unreliable dog of a car - read its reviews (95 - 99) on this site - I wish I did before buying mine.

I did not have time to sell my old Cavalier 1.8 before the Vectra went for a burden - the oil pump failed I believe at high speed, and this wrecked the top end and camshafts - Ouch! bye bye engine!

So I am keeping my Cav now a bit longer - it's slow, yes, but at least it keeps going. It's 14 years old next month and still drives a treat. Losing all my money on that wretched Vectra has taught me one thing - when the Cav finally dies - I will never buy a Vauxhall again, ever.