1995 Vauxhall Corsa Merit 1.5 D from UK and Ireland


Reliable, and value for money, first car


Compressor Failed - Replaced at 78,000 miles.

Faulty Battery Terminals - Replaced at

81,000 miles.

Rust on Sills - Treated at 85,000 miles.

Centre Console Back Lighting Failed - New Bulbs at 86,000 miles.

General Comments:

Previous two owners had no trouble whatsoever, even though it's a high mileage car.

Cabin ergonomics are excellent, everything is to hand.

Very comfortable seats and good driving position make car good long-distance runner.

Spacious in the back (considering it's size) and decent enough boot.

Looks good too, even though my particular car is seven years old.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2002

1995 Vauxhall Corsa GSi 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


A cracking little car with oodles of performance


The engine management light has come on several times.

Car's refusal to accelerate properly sometimes, when light came on.

Bulbs on the instrument panel and the rear side and brake lights blow often.

An unquenchable thirst for oil after 80000 miles!

Temperature sensor behind front grill, corrodes and stops giving a reading inside of the car.

General Comments:

The GSI's acceleration is excellent. It was noticeably quicker than my previous Corsa SRI 16v and my recent Corsa 1.6 16v Sport, (2000.)

With a power boost valve, decatted and just a back box, the GSI out accelerated a Vectra SRI 2.0L 16v AND held a Vectra 2.5 V6 SRI up to around 85mph!!

A comfy car and driver friendly. I am 6foot 4inches.Pity about the timing belt!!

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2002

11th Dec 2004, 08:45

Hello mate I also have just purchased a corsa gsi and must say they are a very quick car and nice looking. thanks Ben.

12th Jan 2005, 05:38

Hows it going lads? I have also recently bought a GSI and put a PSG 2 wide arch body kit and 17 inch alloys, but be careful when choosing alloys although the GSI is quick she drags a bit through 1st and 2nd gear! And one other thing, make sure your belts and tensioners are in good order as this can lead to some costly problems! get them checked every 30000 miles! Apart from that it's an excellent wee car! cheers Dan.

17th Aug 2005, 09:35

I had one of these cars years ago it was an absolute dog, it had 4 cylinder head overalls with less than 28k on the clock, kept being told valves were sticking in the engine, spent thousands on it. and to add insult to injury when I finally part-exd it the speedo cable broke as I pulled into the garage, not just snapped, but wedged into the gearbox, 10hrs labour charges later it was free.

Shame as it was a really good looking car.

7th Feb 2007, 10:39

Hello I've had a corsa gsi for 3 years now and done nothing, but spend spend spend on it. Realy bad problem with acceleration and backfiring quite a lot. But they are forgivable because they look so nice.

1995 Vauxhall Corsa GSi 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


Avoid; get a Nova GSi or Saxo VTR/S instead


* Cambelt snapped before next replacement due resulting in £870 bill to repair engine.

* ABS warning light comes on intermittently.

* Engine management light ditto.

* Cambelt pulley tensioner's failed.

* Valve stem oil seals failed.

* Piston rings failed.

* Windscreen wiper mechanism very worn.

* Factory alarm goes off for no reason.

* Exhaust system bangs and rattles.

* Exhaust heat shield failed.

* Serious stress cracks in both B-pillars.

* Driver's electric window failed.

* Both heated electric mirrors failed.

The list goes on..

General Comments:

The worst car I've ever owned. Despite one former mature keeper, full Vauxhall service history and utterly mint bodywork the mechanical side of the vehicle is unbelievable.

It's handling is extremely unnerving and nowhere near as good as my former Nova GSi and GTE's.

The overall driving experience has an unsafe feel to it. The power steering is handy for low speeds, but it's far too twitchy at speed.

I should have taken heed of the previous Corsa GSi's on here and avoiding this altogether.


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Review Date: 27th April, 2002

1st Jul 2005, 13:01

Mate, I've had a VTR and VTS, and they are shocking, but better than the Corsa.

Have got a Corsa G now just to run around in for a few months before I get a Scooby. Paid a grand for it.

The Corsa is strange; ABS light constantly on, twitchy handling, rattly interior, tappy engine, constant misfiring, probably needs a good service, but can't be bothered. Will just break for spares; will probably make more money. Stay away from the Corsa GSi!!!