2005 Vauxhall Corsa SRi 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Great car for the money

General Comments:

This is a great car, and it's even better that there are a limited amount of them. Unlike Saxos etc. - they are like bellybuttons - everyone has one!!!

If you are a lucky lady like me, and have two cars (Corsa 1.8 SRi and Astra 2.0 VXR), I would go for the Astra, as it is definitely the better of the two by far.

So save your pennies for an extra few months, and get the VXR!!!

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Review Date: 28th December, 2006

1st Jan 2007, 10:13

And the review of the car is where?

1st Jan 2007, 16:12

Is the Astra VXR twice as good though, bearing in mind it's twice the price of a Corsa SRi 1.8?

31st Oct 2009, 09:32

You can't compare a Corsa 1.8 and Astra VXR. Try the Corsa VXR 1.6 turbo.

2005 Vauxhall Corsa Breeze 1.2 16v from UK and Ireland


A perfect car in every way!

General Comments:

An absolutely perfect little car.

Spacious inside with just enough room for me to drive (I'm 6'1") and someone to sit behind me.

The standard on the breeze is well worth any extra money with air conditioning, metallic paint, alloy wheels, cd player with steering wheel controls all coming as standard.

Would highly recommend getting an ex demo car. Mine had 23 miles on the clock when I bought it and is an 05 reg, but was £3000 cheaper than the list price which I have to admit I would not be willing to pay.

A perfect first car too as the insurance is miles less than I thought it would be and less than I got quoted for other cars in its class.

The only flaw is perhaps the boot is a little on the small side, but what would you expect in such a neat little car?

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Review Date: 11th January, 2006

2005 Vauxhall Corsa SXi 1.3 CDTi from UK and Ireland


Fantastic car, brilliant buy!


Since I've had it for 6 months its been back for a few reasons.

The brake pedal switch keeps going, its been replaced once and is clicking again a month later, it doesn't affect anything just makes an annoying clicking sound when pressed.

The glow plug sensor also went and sent the engine management light on so this has also been replaced.

The wind screen wipers were smearing the screen so much you couldnt see if it was raining, took it back and got some more under warranty which are brilliant.

General Comments:

This car always starts first time even when cold and since its got a few more miles on it, it is seeming to go quicker and quicker.

It is brilliant on fuel, the best I've got it 450 miles to £35 of diesel.

It is a bit of a shame the SXi doesn't come as standard with air con so can get a bit stuffy in the warm, but was quite expensive to add on as an extra.

The seats and exceptionally comfy.

Love the radio/CD controls on the steering column, makes it a lot easier.

The boot is big enough for quite a lot of bags from the supermarket.

I have the car in the dark metallic ultra blue which is fab when clean but can show dirt/dust and also scratches (only 1 little scrape on the wing mirror) show up .

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Review Date: 1st October, 2005

5th Dec 2005, 11:28

I purchased SXi CDTI in July 2004 - at that stage SXI came with air-con as standard!

2005 Vauxhall Corsa SXI 1.3 CDTI from UK and Ireland


A cheap, fun, value for money, good looking, sporty, ecconomical car


Selecting reverse gear requires a lot of work to stop it crunching. Must be idling and stationary for 5 seconds with the clutch as far down as it will go.

Accelerator drive by wire means there is a 0.1 second delay in telling your injection pump what to do. Cable on others cars are better as it is instant.

Models fitted with A/C like mine when turned on reduces power of engine a great deal at low speed.

Fuel economy poor for size and technology of the engine.

Driver and passenger door window seal easily removable.

My alarm that I paid for fitting when I bought the car bran new is great and detects all thing an alarm should do except for vibration.

General Comments:

For a diesel it is very quick at low speeds especially when the inter cooler/turbocharger kicks in at 1950rpm+- with 3/4 acceleration. It will beat most 1.3 petrol's, with 16V.

And as with any Diesel you still have excellent torque in 4/5 gears.

I've been up the steepest hills in the UK at 35% to 20% gradient over 4 miles and the car had no problem. In fact the turbo works even harder and produced more power as you were thrown back in your seat going up these hills. Very comparable to a 747 take off.

Tyres are excellent and have lots of grip and handling is superb.

I've also had cruise control fitted to my vehicle, but its of no use on motorways in the UK as it is too congested. But really good for long drives during the night. I drove all the way from Carlise to Birmingham non stop without cancelling the cruise control at the middle of the night. Brilliant.

The paint job in black is brilliant when kept clean.

I have actually managed to achieve 100mpg, but you've got to be doing motorway driving at 55mph with not many appliances being used.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2005

27th Sep 2005, 04:11

Yeah your right. to drive the car normally you don't get much miles per gallon, but if you drive to conserve fuel then it is very economical.

The car does have a lot of power for what it is, but comparing it to a plane at take off that going over the top.

1st Oct 2005, 05:12

I have a 1.3 CTDi Corsa SXi on an 05 reg and its the best buy I have ever bought.. It has power, speed and above all, saves me a fortune on insurance, diesel, road tax (only £87.50 for 12 months!) and it is gorgeous to look at when clean.

1st Nov 2005, 08:09

I have to say that the Corsa is a good buy. I have owned my for 2 years and I have been very impressed. Superb fuel economy, but I would prefer something a little quicker such as the 1.7 CDTI.

Got a years free insurance no major problems since purchase and an ideal first time buyers car.

3rd Nov 2005, 16:44

I have a Corsa sxi 16v. It's a fantastic drive and very poky around town. The interior is excellent and the overall look of the car is sporty. I'm a bit of a girl racer so I invested in neon's... they look pretty cool in the dark. I've had my car for one year, and touch wood never had a problem with it.

3rd Nov 2005, 17:16

Girl racer - cool. Enjoying your car - cool. Neons - uh oh!