15th Jan 2009, 15:48

I fixed all my problems! I got rid of it. So if you going to look at a blue/green Corsa reg EA51 in the south east region, run a mile and don't look back!

God only knows how the dealers are going to pass that on to some one else.

29th Aug 2010, 05:29

I have had a Vauxhall Corsa SXi from new for 7 years now - I would never buy another one!!! It is now costing me a fortune with one thing after another going wrong with the darn thing, despite regular services.

Just in the past few months alone, the clutch has gone, the compressor has gone on air con (costs quite a bit to get it fixed, so living without it) I have had a coolant leak - an oil leak - clutch gone again - this time the hydraulics... last year the water pump had to be replaced...

The car has misted up dreadfully in wet/humid weather from day one... and look at any Corsa SXi alloys, and they are scuffed beyond belief... get tipped to one side going around corners... this car is now becoming extremely expensive to keep on the road and frighteningly unreliable - I don't know what is going to happen next to it... really would not recommend at all...

Had a Nissan from new for 6 years, and never had one single thing whatsoever go wrong with it - nothing replaced... did not cost me a penny apart from servicing... and if I compare the two cars at the same age, there is no comparison... When I sell this Corsa, it will be worth next to nothing.

5th Apr 2011, 04:49

You've been unlucky my friend. I've had 3 Corsas so far and never had a problem. My first car was a 1.2 Comfort, it had 2 owners. Then a 1.2 SXI had 2 owners. Now I own a 1.8 SRI which has had 8 owners and the 1.8 has been abused before I even had my 2years+ to give it.

Sorry to hear about that, but you must be one in a million.