23rd Jun 2001, 17:57

Same power as a 1.4 Clio? My Clio has a listed power of 98bhp and is comically faster and more pleasant to drive than the Corsa I just traded in for it!

I do quite like the look of the new Corsas, though...

28th Jun 2001, 03:48

Oi (bloke above), that's what he's going on about. No one should pay the price for the old Corsa. The old one is as crap as a Skoda Rapide. The new one is absolutely tops. I had my test drive last week, and I'm selling my H-reg Nova and getting my 2002 model SXi in September.

Yes, the Clio is better than the old Corsa, but have you seen the new one, gross. Oh and the interiors are pants.

15th Aug 2001, 10:22

You must compare like with like. You can't compare the new Clio with the new Corsa, and I think you will agree the Corsa is better value for money, better built as standard and a better looker.

10th Oct 2001, 17:40

I have just got a Corsa SXi, very good looker, nice to driver and very good on petrol.

Stop complaining about my Clio is better than your Corsa - get a life.

31st Oct 2001, 08:15

The new Corsa SXi is a lot better than any french piece of crap. The clio is UGLY!

23rd Nov 2001, 08:25

Bought my SXi last week and I'm very happy with it, only compaint is the rear view with rear head rests blocking the view, but an all round top car, looks ace too, 8.5/10.

CD player may be a bit dodgy though as a CD had a slight scratch, played fine on normal stereo, but was dodgy in car. If continues will have to get it mended and will be seriously annoyed off and take back everything nice I said about the car.

31st Jan 2002, 08:00

I've had my 2001 Corsa SXI for about 4 months now, but am upgrading it for the 1.4 SRI in Feb. The car is great to drive (nothing like the old model), but the only problems I've encountered are the middle, rear head rest and the design of the rear window at each side providing bad blind spots. I've just removed my middle head rest and made life much easier!

Only other problem is a famous Vauxhall Corsa one. They sell their cars with 19" wiper blades so when you need to replace them you can to pay about £20 for blades from Vauxhall, or £5 at some garage for a set of 18" (that don't cover as much of the screen) since they don't seem to sell 19" (and 20" are too long)! Ill have the same problems with the SRI, but they're not a big deal and the cars are fantastic!!!

20th Jun 2002, 07:30

The first car I have brought and I recommend it to anyone who is interested. Good overall quality inside and out at a very attractive price. Compared to the new fiesta it is by far better quality and drives much better. A small leak on the drivers door resulted in the car being sent to the dealers 7 times before the right part was ordered!

29th Jun 2002, 15:58

Sold a 2000 Corsa Club and bought a new 2002 SXi in April. In my opinion the new shape is better built, quieter, smoother and far more attractive than its predecessor. However, with the sheer quantity that are being sold, one wonders what may happen to the residual value in a couple of years...

16th Jul 2002, 11:03

I've had my SXi for about 2 months now and I have to say its great to drive. Its my second car (I had an Escort Eclipse hehe) and it seems good. It's a nippy mover and I've had 110mph out of it.

I also had to take out the middle rear head-rest and the rear view mirror is too big, but its not such a massive downside to an excellent car :)

24th Jul 2002, 09:33

I've just test driven and ordered my new Corsa SXi. The test drive was excellent. Reasonable power and excellent handling. I knew I was going to buy it straight away.

15th Aug 2002, 06:18

I've just brought a sxi and they are rapid!! off the mark I can destroy my mate in a Clio 1.4! Corsa is the best small car!

28th Aug 2002, 03:09

Better than the new fiesta you say, the MK5 or all new MK6, because and I don't have to argue this as any critic will tell you the Fiesta's handling is easily superior to the corsa. The Corsa SRI 1.8 was compared to the Fiesta Zetec-S on a track and although faster in a straight line the zetec-s handling, gears and engine were like a sports car while the corsa was like a bad hatchback.

Say what you like, critically it's a fact that the Corsa does not handle brilliantly.

And yes I've driven many different Corsa's.

13th Dec 2002, 13:59

Corsa sxi great car excellent value for money the wife loves hers and wouldn't change it for anything.

5th Jan 2003, 06:24

The old Fiesta Zetec-S was built as a sports car with cheap colour coded interior and a tacky aluminium effect. I agree it's a fast car compared to my 1.2 SXi, but it is now an old model so to compare a new Corsa 1.8 SRi (very new one with 16" alloys) doesn't work, compare the Corsa SRi to a new Fiesta and then the Corsa is superior! Zetec-s's need lowered as they only come with sports suspension and not lowered, they are not as well built and not the best 0-60time for a 1.6 16v.

8th Feb 2003, 12:13

I love my corsa sxi. Only problem is, that I want to know how to change the CD player as it is too big and does not provide enough wattage for my speakers : (. Any help will be much appreciated.

18th May 2003, 11:35

I've just test driven and ordered my sxi today. It should arrive in three weeks. Is it quite normal for the delivery date to be delayed? I hope not. Is black hard to maintain?There's lots of silver about already though.

28th Aug 2003, 08:03

I purchased my SXi new 13 months ago, and have had no problems whatsoever. It handles and looks great. The only drawback is having to shell out £600 for a decent set of alloys. It's a perfect car for my 2 teens too, who between them have added under body lights and graphics. True street cred.

Well done Vauxhall, for such a versatile little mover. 100% thumbs up.

23rd Sep 2004, 12:19

Just had the drivers seat replaced in my 2003 SRI under the Network Q Warranty (well done Vauxhall).

There seams to be a weakness with the sport seats.

No other problems with the car.

13th Jun 2006, 04:56


Just wondering if anyone knows how to change the front speakers in a 2001 Vauxhall Corsa SXI?? I bought kenwood speakers for my old car and want to put them in my new Corsa??

Can anyone help me please?

Many Thanks.