9th Sep 2001, 17:16

I have a Corsa GSi 16v and I have never had a problem. And I have given it a hard time.

22nd Jan 2002, 05:56

I have just bought myself a Corsa GSi, N reg with only 40,000 miles on the clock!... I love this car and what a looker it is!.. Performance is great!..

I have had no problems so far, touch wood. I lowered the car by 35mm and put on a twin stainless exhaust, what a difference in looks!!..

This car is brill!... I am one hell of a happy driver!

12th Jun 2002, 06:29

I got a corsa gsi, its been a good car with no real problems. It now has 65,000 miles and its fine. My only real problem is the ecu light comes on by itself for no reason. Vauxhall don't know what it is (useless bunch). It does not affect how my car runs.

27th Jan 2003, 08:30

Bought my wife a 1.7 diesel Corsa Breeze 12 months ago. She won't part with it, and now refuses to drive any other. A cracking little car, both round town and on the motorway. It's a bit cramped for me (6'2) and the pedals could be further apart. Just having the alternator replaced at the moment, but apart from that it's been smashing. First time starter with about 55-60 MPG return. Can't complain at that, can you?

20th Jul 2006, 04:46

I would just like to say I have just bought the older version, which is the non-ecotec, which is quicker than the ecotec somehow.

I have got an extractors/exhaust, twin spark's spark plugs on it, and 9.5mm leads, and I have raced a corolla with the small port 100kw engine, and blew him by 1 1/2 car lengths, and no he wasn't a crap driver.

I have had no problems with the GSi, and it's been through hell and back. VERY FAST AND RELIABLE

13th Aug 2006, 04:43

Hi, I bought my Corsa GSI in May.

The engine management light comes on from time to time. Vauxhall say it's the EGR valve sticking and it will not alter the running of the car.

Not had any problems, handles very well, she is very quick.