1994 Vauxhall Corsa LS 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Rolling death machine


Brakes feel like there is nothing there. The pedal almost goes down as far as the clutch, yet there is no problem with the brake pads or discs.

The steering wheel has so much play in it; it's like driving a car from an American movie.

All the trim pieces inside rattle.

The stalks to control the wing mirrors broke. And the wing mirrors shake like mad when the engine is on idle.

The steering wheel shakes at 30mph, even through it has had the wheels balanced too many times.

The gearbox will not work unless it is warm, and changing gear when it is cold is so hard; you have to almost jump on the gear stick to put it into gear.

The outside temperature gauge has never worked from new.

The spark plugs need replacing regularly, and on the H.T leads the rubber has rotted away.

General Comments:

The suspension is so soft, even though it has new shock and springs, it's like riding a pogo stick.

Trying to stop is scary; you get brake fade from stopping from 30mph.

The seats, well you might as well sit on a piece of wood, it's that bad.

It's so slow from 0-60mph, I think I could push it faster.

Fifth gear has now become 3RD gear, so every time you change up to fifth, you hit 3rd and rev the crap out of it.

Press the horn for the first time in the day; it sounds like an old man farting. Press it again and it sounds like a choir boy.

The car has no rust and no damage, it's not been treated badly, it's just terrible.

Please buy it off me someone, I'm looking for £300 for it.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2010

14th Jan 2010, 08:15

That's gotta be the best car advertisement I've seen, when can I pick it up?!

I'm sure someone will have it off you if you put it on autotrader or something.

1994 Vauxhall Corsa SRi 1.4 from UK and Ireland


A brilliant, cheap, nippy little hot hatch


Head gasket blew at 120,000, and again at 140,000 miles.

Speedo stopped working at around 100,000 miles.

Tiny bit of rust on bottom of the drivers door at 150,000 miles.

General Comments:

Nippy little car. Although heavy as no PAS.

Cheap to insure, tax and run on petrol - can easily do 330 miles to a full tank.

Great first time car.

Lots of modifications available for it.

Interior is basic, but as mentioned before, lots of modifications available to add your own touches.

Would highly recommend this little car...I've just brought a Corsa C, and hope it is as reliable as the Corsa B range!

Lots of room inside, even if you are 6 foot!

Faults only started on my Corsa B when I hit the 120,000 miles mark, (did 60 miles a day, motorway driving) and then it was probably because I got lazy in getting it serviced regularly.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2008

1994 Vauxhall Corsa Swing 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Cheap and reliable


Rear wheel bearings - can replace yourself.

Sunroof no longer "slides"; tilt only.

Fan belt slipping (easy to fix though)

General Comments:

Overall this is a great little car. I have done about 17k miles since I took ownership of it. I travel about 65 miles to and from Glasgow nearly every day in it.

It's a fairly comfortable car to drive, even if it is very spartan inside (no cigarette lighter for instance), and also very easy to maintain. Running costs are average, fuel consumption could be better for the size of the engine.

Never failed to start, always starts first time.

Would be a great first car... if you are not put off by the lack of power steering.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2008

1994 Vauxhall Corsa Merit D 1.5 diesel from UK and Ireland


Cheap reliable little runner


This has to be one of the most reliable and cheapest cars I have ever owned. Nothing terminal ever went wrong with the car. A relay which controlled the battery warning light on the dash blew, and a couple of the dash board bulbs needed replacing, but all minor stuff. The rear heated rear windscreen died on all, but a few of the bars, but I didn’t bother to repair this.

In terms of wear and tear, it was the cheapest car to run in the world. For one MOT I needed two new tyres and a piece of exhaust, £99 for the lot, I pay that for one tyre these days. I also managed to get the front disks and pads as well as the rear callipers done for £120 all in. Cheap!

General Comments:

As I’ve mentioned this car was very cheap to run, not just in terms of parts and reliability, but being a non-turbo diesel it would do 45mpg around town all day long.

However there were downsides to this. The specification is beyond poverty spec. The car didn’t even have intermittent wipers and with a non-turbo engine the pace can best be described as leisurely. That said it would happily cruse at 90 as long as there were no big hills in the way. Refinement was basic, as to be frank there is little more than a 1980’s van engine up front which makes it self heard and felt! In terms of the driving experience, the steering was vague and it would under steer at the drop of a hat. When I first got the car I had a few interesting moments when I wasn’t sure if the car would make the turns. (At a reasonable pace, but all within speed limit / common sense).

To summarise a great car for those on a budget, but don’t expect it to deliver much of a driving experience. When I was job hunting after university I did over a 1000 miles in a week in this car and it was perfectly possible. Finally upgraded as the car was blowing a lot of black smoke on start up and I fancied something a little more refined and powerful, however I do miss the fact that it did cost me nothing to run.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2006