15th Aug 2003, 02:49

Same here, My Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 has also developed a fault resulting in the Engine Management Light coming on intermittently. The first time it happened, I was on the North Circular in London and the car stalled and I had to pull off quickly to avoid being hit.

The garage checked the system and found which valve it was, cleaned it out because that can help with them sticking, but it has happened again and I'm having to take it in again next week.

I hope it isn't expensive, but worried that might need the sensor changed as the problem is still there.

Other problems with Corsa include central locking mechanism broke a few months back, and exhaust went fairly quickly. Do not recommend them in comparison with the Nissan Micra I used to own, which had no problems at all while I had it.

9th May 2006, 21:47

Tigra 1.6 16v - engine management light turning on, needed the engine rebuilt twice with only 40k on clock.

Also, would idle high at times.

My Corsa SRI 8v 1.4 would idle high only when the engine was pushed.

My Corsa Sport 1.4 would idle high up and down. In order to stop it, I would disconnect a small socket by airbox and clean the connections. My Corsa GSI is fine with no problems.

8th Apr 2010, 12:28

The servicing idea does not work with my car; a Nissan Micra with the same problem. Oil change every year; some times twice a year. Cost me £300 in repairs so far. Garage now given me the forte petrol treatment.

17th Jun 2010, 08:59

Done the Forte Treatment on my Vauxhall Corsa 1.4. It did not work. The guy who did it assured us that this was the answer, but two weeks later it did the same again, losing power, then engine management light came on. I have changed the oil, and put in a new filter every 4-5 months, but still the sticking valve problem exists. This is very frustrating, because the car runs brilliantly when it is running correctly. My car is a 2004 model with an automatic box.