11th Jul 2007, 16:46

Our '99 Corsa 1.6 has been full of problems for the past 7 months.

A whole new exhaust fitted in January for approx £300.

MOT in May failed on emissions; allegedly EGR valve at fault (after loads of tests), in garage for 3 days, total £470.

6 weeks later electronics light came on. Took back to garage, they said it was the EGR valve - told them a new one had been fitted during MOT. Further investigations show our car is choked up with carbon, and needs near enough a new engine to remedy the problem, which was connected to the emissions failure during MOT - quoted £1200. We are now being told that a second hand engine may be a better option. Our car still in garage (same one with good reputation used throughout). Will probably be without it for 5-7 working days. Are we being ripped off?

23rd Nov 2009, 11:00

To be honest I have no clue what all the whohar is about.. I'm on my first car as I learn to drive. 1 litre Corsa Envoy... year 1999 V reg.

It had had 4 owners previous to me, but the mileage on the clock made it a bargain.. First thing I did was get it serviced even AFTER it had just past its MOT with the previous owner.

Front brake pads needed redoing (but only cos it's wise to do as a learner); they were still another 4-6 months away from failing an MOT.

Replacement clutch cable and accelerator cable were dicey, but only cos I'm new and needed a bit less play in them..

All this was just down to wear and tear.

Cost of repairs and parts and manpower... £90.

Mileage I've done since I got it 3 months ago.. about 6-700.

Never had a single problem with it.

Cheap to run... I can run it half way round the world on 1 tank of gas and the tax is cheap.

Even better.. as a first time driver EVEN the insurance on it was cheap; £500, can't say fairer than that.

Only thing about the car that's wrong is due to its age, it obviously has minor scratches on the bodywork, but still looks good.