26th Jan 2007, 12:24

The 1.3 CDTI engine was a bit of an experiment. But don't let that put you off Vauxhalls. They are amoung the better made and reliable cars out there. Our cav broke down twice in its life time of 14 years and 150,000 miles. It drove to the scrap yard too.

21st Feb 2007, 09:10


Sorry to hear of the problems with your car. Point with the paint - insist on a respray, do NOT except the "OK within 1 metre of sight" as this is not true. Paint on a new car should be unblemished and smooth, anything else is wrong and is often the grounds to reject a car. If you have had the car for over a month and/or driven over 500 miles it will be almost impossible to reject the car, but they should respray the car. If the dealer won't agree get Vauxhall UK involved - there is a goods act (unsure of date) which clearly states all purchased goods should be of an acceptable standard - this applies to expensive purchases like cars as well as £5 in a shop. Good luck and I hope the car improves..

1st Mar 2007, 18:12

Well I work for a well known huge British company and as of 23/2/07 most of our 2006 Corsa Vans have been ordered off the road (-your talking about many hundreds if not thousands of vehicles. There was a recall last year due to a chaffing ABS harness which has rolled on and on and now the things have been dumped back on vauxhall to sort.

A mass rejection so to speak,

I've never known such a situation in 30 years - Unfortunately it says it all.

22nd Jun 2007, 18:23

I drive a Combo 2005 1.3 CDTi for work as a company van, which has a Corsa front with a van back.

Its the worst van I have ever had.

The engine is very tempramental and quite frequently goes into "limp mode" for no reason, inwhich it loses all power and drives like a bag of spanners. The Engine management light does NOT come on however and our vehicle engineer says that he can't find anything wrong.

Naturally, Vauxhall don't want to know - It went in for this problem when it was just 2 months old, and they said "It was the way I was driving it"!

It's a real gas guzzler and only manages 320 - 370 miles for a tank. With the A/C on it's a DIABOLICAL 280 miles from Filling up before the low fuel light comes on.

The accelerator response is dreadful, with SERIOUS LAG till the engine actually picks up, and even worse Turbo lag and turbo whine. This is caused by the fact that Vauxhall had to put such a large turbo on the tiny 1.3 diesel to make it even viable, and this has a huge turbo lag till it kicks in, and then its guzzling gas like theres no tomorrow.

I find the interior dash trim very dated and bland. My old combo 1.7 D 2000 model (last of the old shaped corsa) was better and more reliable than this version launched late 2001.

Sorry, but it's a naff van and a naff service from the dealers.