16th Aug 2002, 11:45

Part time 4x4s are used the whole world over made by Toyota, Isuzu, Suzuki, Nissan etc. etc. They are adequate for snow, ice, sand, mud, wet grass etc., and can only come 'unstuck' when one or more wheels rise off the ground (which momentum usually prevents in any case). Landrover, to whom I presume you refer are practically non existent compared to these other makes in Australia, Africa, Arab Countries etc. Are they all wrong, and 'green oval' drivers the only ones who know? Is this what you are saying? Come on now!

5th Sep 2009, 18:10

What exactly do you want from 4 wheel drive? If you want permanent 4 wheel drive to drive on tarmac with the grip and roadholding like a Subaru does, purchase a RAV4, X-Trail,or one of the many pavement 4 wheel drive vehicles available without diff locks, but remember that you pay the price in fuel consumption as you are driving two axles all the time.

The Frontera has a brilliantly designed system, two wheel drive with the resulting economy for normal everyday use, and selectable 4 wheel drive with high and low ratios and diff lock available when road conditions turn treacherous with snow or ice, or for serious off road use.

I would take a Frontera anywhere a Land Rover can go, and have often done so!

28th Oct 2010, 08:38

I've been too many off road events in my Fonty. The only bad thing about it, is due to the front having drive shafts, you're limited to only raising the front suspension, a couple of inches bang for buck.

I don't think you will get a better 4x4. I've seen many a Land Rover owners face drop due to the Frontera and other part time 4x4s.

I'm on my 2rd Fonty now. I've had Land Rovers, 2 Discos and an old 90, and boy did I pay the expense, although I love the shape of the Disco. I wonder if the body would fit on a Frontera chassis?

2nd Dec 2010, 14:18

2001 Frontera Sport 2.2 petrol. I have owned this vehicle since new, never lets me down. I use it for towing and launching my boat, and off road I would rate it as excellent in this role. I have owned a Fourtrak and a Terrano, but this machine just keeps going. Have replaced brakes, exhaust, tyres, and the power sounder on the alarm system.

8th Sep 2015, 20:45

I have a 3.2 Frontera. The car is brilliant. Looks good and is very tough indeed. Goes anywhere. Get one, you will be surprised.