2010 Vauxhall Insignia Exclusiv 1.8i from UK and Ireland



General Comments:

The build quality of the Insignia is extraordinary. Very, very good indeed. The car is smooth and very quiet at motorway speeds.

Economy is not quite as good as the Vectra at around 33mpg. Steering is vague & the car feels very American to drive i.e. feels like a motorised barge, & tends to 'wallow' round corners.

Transmission; again very good, and gear change exceptionally smooth.

One big problem however. Like the Omega, the Insignia is an ergonomic disaster.

Even after hours of seat adjustment, it is impossible to find a comfortable driving position.

The headrest, irrespective of adjustment, inclines the head forward at 45 degree, and there is nothing you can do about this, as the headrests sit around six inches forward of the back of the seat. Even with lumber support fully extended, it is impossible to avoid a 'cricked' neck and bad back. The clutch pedal is some distance in advance of the accelerator pedal, requiring you to drive sideways.

Quite ironic that both the Diplomat & Vectra are/were such good cars to drive, yet Vauxhall have repeated the mistakes of the Omega in the Insignia.

It's a disaster!

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Review Date: 29th August, 2010

11th Sep 2010, 11:26

If the Insignia is half as good as the Omega, it will be a great car.

13th Sep 2010, 14:11

The Insignia was designed on the Epsilon II platform and it was intended to be sold in North America, which explains why the car "feels American" to drive.

2nd Oct 2010, 13:22

I actually thought the Insignia was the first Vauxhall I'd driven in ages with a chassis that wasn't made of bog roll and old socks. Steers well, rides well, and doesn't understeer off the road if you push on.

Add this to the build quality you mention, plus the classy styling and generous spec, and you have a very impressive car, which in a different stratosphere to the Vectra.

The first new Vauxhall I've driven since a 1988 Astra GTE 16v, that I would spend my own money on.