18th Mar 2004, 12:19

I have a Nova 1.5 TD, that's standard as far as the engine goes, but it's got 17's on it, and still does 115mph. It did 124mph with the standard GSi rims on, so with a little tuning, I'll get best of both worlds; more torque down below because of the 17's, and a good top speed with a few good tweaks i.e. intercooler, fuel pump turned up, and a better filter and a ram air system, get rid of the daft air box swirly thing. Plus if I get the boost touched up a bit, I'm sorted.

I've eaten VTRs and GTEs in this beast by the way.

Does anybody know what power these are standard??? Mail m3crj@aol.com if ya do.


28th Mar 2004, 05:57

I bought my 1.5 turbo diesel for £200.bargain I thought, because the 15" alloys are worth that alone.

At the moment I am tuning it up, it wheel-spins in 2nd a piece of cake! beats all the other nova's about. debadged it so no-one knows that it's a diesel. beautiful car to race about in.

31st Mar 2005, 04:00

The 1.5TD, is a bit of a legend in the trade, using the Isuzu engine, (a very solid engine, questionably better than any GM effort at a Diesel engine,) it can perform amazing speeds for a small diesel car.

We used to have one at work as a "pool car," but later removed the rear seats and used it as a van. It was great for winding up XR2, GTE and Corsa-boys at lights, they used to sit next do you, you'd rev it, (lots of smoke and the rung-dunn-dunk noise you get to 'love' about a diesel.) and as soon as you left the lights you could see them in the mirror 50yards behind you... :)

I personally detest diesels, and could never bring myself to buy one, so for me to add to this comment shows that yes, the legend is true, the way it drove I can so no reason it could match the GTE if not beat it.


15th Apr 2005, 05:35

Another 1.5 td owner again. I have to admit that this car is a beast. Its colour is a bit poor of being a burgundy red however that just helps to make other racers mad when I leave them in my cloud of smoke. The car is as standard as you like with all badges included. Only thing modded is the adjustment of my seat. I have had several races in my car (on the streets) and have to admit I've only lost once to a tuned calibra.

I have had about 110 out of it and I know that there is still enough power in it to go higher, but I am too scared that I do something nasty to the engine. I love this little car and hope to keep it till its dying day.

10th Dec 2005, 10:50

Can anyone tell me how to turn the fuel up on a 1.5 turbo diesel engine someone told me that they is a fuel screw on the pump somewhere but I can't find it can anyone help.

23rd Jan 2006, 13:24

I have a 1.5 td nova. it is very quick despite what they say I really really can't see my baby going 130mph...tizz fast though.

23rd Apr 2006, 16:32

Hey, I've just bought a k reg 1.5 TD nova SX, with blacked out rear windows and new tires. Bought for 300. its dun like 279000 miles tho, but he assured me diesels can go for miles. It needs wheel bearings and 2 flat inner-tubes. Do you think it is worth the price? thanks in advance.

2nd Aug 2006, 02:55

Lots of info and pictures on how to tune your TD on www.corsasport.co.uk.

Costs are minimal for the standard 67 -> 95 BHP.

23rd Oct 2006, 14:46

Hi I am about to buy a nova 1.5 TD 5 door k reg for £250 I think this is a bargain and judging by the comments its seems a wicked little car.. its hasn't been modified at all and I am after info regarding tuning up the car. k and n filter etc if anyone has any info please contact me on joshlbird@hotmail.com.

26th Nov 2007, 19:13

I have owned 2, 1.5tds and they were the most fun to drive better than the Gte I have. I bought another just for running about in, but its had a 1.7td put in it and that goes off the clock and its still unbelievable on fuel. does give the Gte and Gsi a good kicking.

26th Apr 2008, 08:36

I have a TD Nova for a year now few subtle mods; engine is standard though. And yes it will do 130mph like that. In my opinion the standing start isn't brill, but it does go. I've done Santa Pod and back (180 miles each way) on... £15! Hard to believe, but it did! Boost at respect 7psi (same as Cav/Calibra turbo) I've read on the likes of migweb etc can be easily tuned to 120-130bhp.

These are wicked cars, and will leave all boy racers on dual carriageways easy. Mine does smoke a lot; 130000 miles on it now. Clutch has gone, and so has O/S engine mount twice (heavy engine plus lowered, so is a lot stiffer). Only thing I've noticed is regular servicing required.

9th Jun 2010, 11:58

Here's the deal, I've got a mint 1995 1.5TD, standard. I'm heavy footed and it still does 50mpg.

Foot to the floor, 105mph in 5th at 6000rpm.

It's done just 78k, only mod is a cone filter.

No way in hell is 110mph possible unless you put it out of gear down a long hill.

Speedo was showing 115 at the time, and very slowly overtook a mate in his Golf GTi that was reading 99mph, and that's a 1.8 petrol 5 speed, that could hit 115mph at 6000rpm.

Power is all but gone over 6000 rpm, plus you risk serious damage to the engine, head, cylinders etc going above 6000rpm.

Can't imagine any idiot would let a rev counter hit even 6500rpm on a private road on a 4 cylinder engine.

21st Oct 2010, 08:27

I have a 1993 Nova 1.2, which at the minute I am fitting a Cav 17TD engine with a 1.5 derv gearbox and flywheel. It also has an Iveco van intercooler, a Trooper oil cooler, a K&N cone filter, boost controller, and has the white ring mod and max fuel turned up 1/2 a turn. I should have it going in a few days, and will post the outcome when I get it sorted. I hope it will be a flying machine, but don't know what to expect, because I have never seen these mods done before.