1994 Vauxhall Omega CDX 2.5 V6 from UK and Ireland


The only problem I have had is that the speedo has just started to go erratic for no obvious reason.

I am trying to rectify the fault myself, but I'm finding it very difficult to pinpoint the cause, as the Vauxhall dealership said it could be an electrical fault on anything, but didn't think it was the speedo head.

I have been told that there is a sensor on the differential, but Haynes manual very brief. Can anyone help to rectify without costing a fortune?

Any replies to e mail Dave at dbnw42829@blueyonder.co.uk

General Comments:

Apart from the speedo problem, I like the car for its exterior looks.

The inside is comfy and relaxing on short and long journeys.

The performance is ample to me and tows well, which is why I bought it in the first place.

The only thing that worries me is the cost of repairs. And how I get my speedo problem sorted out.

My overall opinion of the car is great.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2002

13th Jul 2002, 05:54

I have a '98 Omega CDX 2.5 V6 auto. I was also considering having the transmission fluid changed as mine has done 70,000 miles. Apparently, it's not part of Vauxhall's standard service plan. The Haynes manual recommends that the fluid be changed around now, but a lot of people advise against it unless you're having problems. I've heard that the fluid should always be changed as a precautionary measure. I've even heard that if you go beyond 50,000 miles, then you've passed the point of no return as changing the fluid could disturb particles and cause problems. If I do get it changed, I think I'll go to a Vauxhall dealer and pay by credit card so that I have some protection if things go wrong later. Has anyone else had their fluid changed? Did you notice any difference?

1994 Vauxhall Omega CD 2.0 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


A honest luxury bargain


At 80,000 miles 2.0 16V engine was 'Tapping' ONLY when cold.

Car information display reads 'Brake pad'. Replaced ALL brake pads, front discs and the brake sensor wire, but still reads 'Brake pad'

Sunroof switch has to be turned, pushed AND HELD in place until sunroof is in desired (position (on all rotational settings). Apparently it should just have to be turned and not held. Any ideas?

Dashboard lights (behind speedometer, rev counter etc.) all went out. Replaced at cost of £2 (own labour)

The electrical wires under the drivers seat are too short. When the seat travels along to its maximum forward position, it kills itself by pulling a plug free from its own electrical socket. Cost £30 to diagnose, and 5 seconds to plug back in!

Outside front passenger door handle would not allow access to the cabin with the car unlocked. Fixed quickly at cost of £20, Same problem with drivers door 30,000 miles later (another £20). Apparently this is a common problem with the Omega door locking rod, Is it? How can I fix it myself?

Ignition barrel wore out. I was faced with the option of paying £90 to have Vauxhall re-cut another ignition barrel (in order to fit the remaining key). Or £20 for a standard ignition barrel (with two new thin basic keys). Chose option B.

Drivers airbag light came on, immediately after changing ignition barrel, not sure if this is related. Light still remains on.

The illumination lights behind the heating controls blacked out. Difficult to gain access, so still out.

Standard Blaupunkt CD player, gave up ejecting CD's properly, had to swipe a credit card in the slot to eject them.

CD player played CD's very noisily (could hear the CD spinning). Replaced unit with own JVC, however this meant forefeiting the radio / CD information, in the upper display on the cars information screen.

A single light in the DOT MATRIX clock went out, means time is now shown as 12:0H instead of 12:08 for example (Numbers are in Dot Matrix).

Out of the 4 HEATED SEATS only the rear, passenger side, one works. The drivers seat packed up at 90,000. It's not a fuse, any ideas please? (The other two seats were already faulty)

98,000 miles. Engine management light comes on Intermittently, until 113,000 miles. Had a diagnostics test and came out negative!

At 117k the drivers side electric window became faulty. Window goes down OK, but when up button is pressed, it makes a machine gun / drilling sound and does not move. Has to be pulled up by hand now, until rectified.

At 114,000 miles, a mis-firing / juddering engine lead to the replacement of HT leads. Cured problem.

AT 116,000 miles engine is 'Tapping' louder (when hot as well as cold) and a 'knocking' noise enters the cabin.

Finally, every so often the engine revs will rise and fall several times of its own accord (normally when) before finally cutting out. Has not done it for the past month, but was problem from 100,000 miles to 117,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is extremely spacious and comfortable, very few people will need more space than this.

2.0 16V is rapid, but not overly quick.

Even though this car has had its fair share of problems, it has always started first time, and has never left me stranded.

I feel that this car comes with a lot of kit for a lot less then a Mercedes or BMW.

Best bit is the fact that this is one of a handful of REAR WHEEL drive cars available.

Superb motorway cruiser.

Good handling.

Rolls a bit too much around corners.

23.2 MPG (with engine faults)

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Review Date: 16th January, 2002

7th Sep 2002, 14:55

Regarding the doors not opening from outside, I have found that there is a rod which acts as a hinge for the handle.

This slides out thus not allowing a full movement of the handle, refitting of the rod fixes the problem... till next time!!

2nd Jan 2003, 06:23

To replace heater illumination lights :-

1. pull off 4 heater control knobs

2. unscrew Phillips screw behind each knob

3. remove central ashtray 'liner'

4. remove Phillips screw behind hole in centre of ashtray

5. remove ashtray

6. remove 2 Phillips screws in LH and RH corners behind where ash tray was located

7. heater control panel will now pull forward sufficient to replace bulbs.

6th Mar 2003, 07:11

The 'Engine Management' light illuminating may have been caused by a faulty or corroded camshaft or crankshaft sensor. Again, a very common 2.0 Ecotec fault. Vauxhall suggest that if the light comes on and then goes out again soon afterwards, ignore it.

2nd Jul 2005, 20:09

My battery terminals keep getting hot and the battery light keeps coming on.