1996 Vauxhall Omega MV6 3.0 from UK and Ireland


A high perfromance motorway muncher!


The car has just started to overheat last week. I've checked the obvious, including the water levels, water in the oil as possible head gasket failure and fan operation. All seem normal so I'm not sure - any ideas???

The engine management light flashed on for a second last week, but has not come on since.

The car is booked into a garage next week to try to identify problems.

Exhaust manifold has little crack and is blowing a small amount.

Seems to be a problem with any radio I fit- I have tried two so far. If the volume is above a certain limit, which varies, the unit seems to keep cutting out and re-setting until I can get the volume down to a very low level.

General Comments:

This is an ex City of London police car and has been serviced every 13 weeks before I got it. I have replaced the interior with a leather one from a later model which was scrapped.

Not sure if police tweaked the suspension as it handles like a dream and is fun in the wet due to the rear wheel drive.

Lovely car to drive and super smooth.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2003

25th Feb 2003, 05:59

Regarding the radio, its possible that it has the Bose sound system in which case the output of the radio is fed into an amplifier. Hence only line level outputs of the radio should be connected to this, and not speaker outputs. Its possible then you are overloading the amps with speaker outs of your radio, use a radio with line outputs or remove the power amplifiers.

I have an Omega GLS 2.0 16V auto, no problems ever with overheating. Check the fan is working OK (its very quiet!) and that the radiator is not airlocked. Also check water pump as they can easily go and take the timing belt with them! Should sit at around 95 (mid gauge) most of the time. Also check thermostatic switch is working OK.



14th Mar 2005, 05:05

Reference the problem with the stereo; I think it will be highly unlikely that it has anything to do with the Bose sound system, as only the 3L Elite came with this. The police spec MV6 is basically an Elite with all the luxuries taken out, and so would not have had the Bose system in.

1996 Vauxhall Omega Tourer 2.5 petrol 2.5 petrol from UK and Ireland


Very accomplished cruiser


HT leads failed three times in 25000 miles. The problem is that they need to be changed as a set with the DIS pack. This costs about £500 total to do each time. (HT leads are about £260 a set)

Air Conditioning system...complete. First the compressor, then the Condenser, Then the Evaporator. Total £1800.

Rocker box covers (those items you can't possibly get to without stripping the top of the engine down) are made of plastic and they WARP!!! This then means that with the "V" shape of the engine, oil leaks and runs down the engine onto the manifold and ultimately onto the exhaust itself. This costs about £250 if you get a main dealer to sort it, but about £150 if you find a competent mechanic.

I had an AA warranty and I must say that they were exceptional, they never queeried anything, £3800 later they still came up with the spondoolies. Recommend a warranty unless you have a bottomless pocket.

General Comments:

The car is very, very comfortable. I have had BMW's and other nice cars, but this is the most comfortable I have driven. The ride is smooth and rattle free. The exhaust, even with a "boomy estate" is silent.

The brakes are excellent.

The cabin is well laid out and all dials are evident from any angle.

The service you get from main dealers is quite frankly awful. Mention 2.5...v6 and they rub their little hands together. It's a shame because the car is good and deserves a better back up service.

Eats motorway miles for breakfast.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2003