1997 Vauxhall Omega CD 2.5 V6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Useless service lets down a good car, only for people who do not need their car all the time


Ex-lease car, bought at a supermarket.

Needs front shock absorbers immediately - GBP 430.

Needs front suspension bushes immediately - GBP 520.

Needs rocker-cover gaskets immediately - GBP 460.

The car has just been serviced and the cam belts have been changed.

Someone has slightly loosened the coolant reservoir lid, with the consequence that 0.5 litres of coolant were lost before I realised what was going on. Lucky me I guess, but I think the garages intention was different.

After 150 miles (high-speed) driving today, a clunking noise is audible from the belt that drives the alternator. This has been renewed during the service, so either they got that wrong or damaged something so that I have to come back.

General Comments:

I decided to take the car to Germany over Christmas to have it fixed there, as the Germans are not charging such lunatic prices. Don't know now if I should still do that with the clunking noise. The dealers make a rather incompetent impression, but I have to admit that I have only been to one South-London dealership so far. A real shame, because the car seems to be well enough engineered. My Golf Convertible did not sound any better and was a real slouch compared to this.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2001

1st Sep 2002, 15:53

The prices that you have been quoted are ridiculous to say the least. I have just replaced both front suspension wishbones, the bushes are part of these, at a cost of £140 (parts) and £60 labour. Front shock absorbers are available from good manufacturers such as Monroe and Bilstein and with fitting come to half of your quote. Shop around sir!!!

30th Apr 2004, 15:37

Needs front suspension bushes immediately - GBP 520.

All four bushes cost £80, plus two hours labour at the dealer.

Two whole new suspension arms inc bushes are £140 cash, or £90 trade plus one hours labour.

Similarly with the front struts, you have been really ripped off!

1997 Vauxhall Omega CDX 2.5 V6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Large high performance missile


Left hand side cam assembly broke at 115000 miles.

Ignition barrel worn and key jams.

General Comments:

It's a well equipped, fast and agile car. Its size belies its handling capabilities.

The interior is spacious and lavishly equipped.

However it is not cheap to run. With careful driving I can just about squeeze 30mpg out of it on a combination of road usages. It's much more economical at higher motorway speeds and it has been suggested that 85 to 90 MPH is its optimum speed for economy.

Having driven the 3 litre versions as a police pursuit driver I was very impressed by it's drive-ability. There aren't many mainstream cars that will kick down a gear at 110mph and sit down on it's haunches as it accelerates away. Sitting in one all day long is not unpleasant and there is more than enough room for any kit you'd want to carry.

With these impressions in mind I bought a 2.5 litre model. Although it had high company mileage it had a full service history and had been meticulously maintained. It has just gone bang. The left hand cam bank now produces a tractor like noise. The engine still runs smoothly so the timing belt hasn't snapped nor jumped but something has broken. Until my mechanic returns from his holidays and takes the rocker cover off I don't know what the problem is. No doubt this will cost a lot to repair.

I have read various vague comments about top end problems and remember one of the police cars I drove doing exactly the same thing. Is there a common fault and if so what is it and how can it be prevented from happening again?

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Review Date: 1st August, 2001

1st Aug 2001, 11:43

I read somewhere it is something to do with the hydraulic lifters, common in the Ecotec family of engines apparently. I also know that Omegas (especially earlier models) had a recall with the cambelt tensioner that had an ability to destroy itself! Fatal for the engine!

16th Aug 2001, 05:16

Yes, I think you are right, the more people I mention it to the more say "oh it's the lifters they always go" with the quizzical "I'm surprised you didn't know " look in their eye. I thought I had Vauxhall over a barrel about the cam belt tensioner recall but apparently it's only the 16valve 2.0litre models that were affected. Ho hum life struggles onward.