10th Jul 2002, 07:23

Just like to mention a problem I had with a W registered 2.5 V6 Auto Elite Saloon.

Driving along the motorway at 70 MPH (honestly) when I heard a noise like a rustling crisp packet coming from the engine bay. Before I could switch off the engine the oil light appeared (several seconds after the noise). I coasted to a halt and checked the oil and found it was fine.

Apparently the engine had seized due to an internal part of the engine snapping off! (Dealer charged £95 for that piece of good news)

Because the car was over one years old the manufacturer would not commit to any financial help, although they did not rule it out.

Eventually I bought an engine from an R registered automatic saloon that had been scrapped.

This engine pulls along very smoothly and seems quieter than the original. Cost me £2,500 to have fitted and serviced.

I've also had mega problems with the front brake discs in my fifteen months of ownership. A full six (yes, six!) have been fitted along with new pads every time. Anyone else with these problems. Dealer said might be brake booster system.

Apart from these slight problems I would still recommend this car to anyone. It is exceptionally smooth and very quick once it gets going.

30th Aug 2002, 14:55

I have a black manual MV6 Elite (I'm told this is rare). It has Irscher front and rear spoilers, and shocks.

The heated driver seat does not work.

A very quick car, and fun to drive for such a large vehicle.

18th Apr 2004, 05:15

I have owned my Omega Elite 3.0 for for years now, with no major faults. The mileage when I got it was 48000, the mileage is now 10300. I change the engine oil and filter every 3000 miles, using a genuine filter and Duckhams Hypergrade oil.

And the engine doesn't burn any oil, apart from when speeds over 90mph are held for a long time.

The timing belt has been replaced twice, the first time with the tensioner rollers and the last time with just the belt. The belt and rollers will need to be changed again later this year, as I don't wait until the recommended mileage of 40000 miles.

I agree with the comment about fuel economy dropping after fitting new plugs - I replaced the NGK plugs with Vauxhall's own, and the mpg dropped by about 2mpg.

In the time I've had the car, I've fitted new discs all round, and new front shock absorbers. The front wishbones are due for replacement with an advisory note at the last MOT.

The car has only failed the MOT on a worn steering idler arm, which I bought for £45.00 and fitted myself.

One area to watch on these cars is the rear edges of the rear doors. Because the door forms the front curve of the wheel arch, dirt is thrown up and builds up behind the rubber seal. The doors have both rusted quite badly behind this seal, the only warning you get is when the rust stain appears on the plastic sill cover. A poor design point here, for sure.

Overall, a very good car for the money, but fairly high maintenance, if you are to ensure reliability. Worst mpg - 18, best 36, on a long run to Cornwall, with the cruise control set at 70mph.

24th Apr 2005, 03:13

I have had my 1997 Omega for 5 years, bought it with 92k and so far has had an air con compressor and a some rocker gaskets. Absolutely fantastic car which will definitely be replaced with another identical model. Heavy on fuel round town, but motorway manners more than make up for this. Every electrical item in mine works perfectly and has never given me any problems at all... Superb Cars.

17th May 2005, 19:24

I got my 3.0 Elite about 3 years ago, and so far have had to replace the head gaskets due to a leak (v expensive), 2 sets of front discs, water pump, tensioner and belt, rear box, crank shaft sensor, central locking servo and 3 sets of tyres.

Other than that, it has been fine, and I consider the repairs just normal running for a second hand car of this type.

I get about 34 mpg on a motorway without cruise control, as I have driven this car so much that I have learnt the fine art of throttle control, but have also had it down to 16 mpg around town on a Saturday night. Yes, you have guessed it, getting up a young lads noses with dump valves and silly looking body kits (and lets face it, why do they bother?)

If you see a fellow Omega V6 owner, beep and wave. It could catch on you know.