1998 Vauxhall Omega Reflection 2.5 24 valve Ecotec V6 from UK and Ireland


Superb long distance cruiser with real driver appeal if driven properly


Coil pack needed replacing (a cheap part if bought on-line, but access to remove/refit is ridiculously tight - I ended up leaving the original in situ and simply relocated the new one as far as the original cables would allow).

Rocker cover gaskets leak (better if rocker covers swapped for the metal ones from a Vectra and not the plastic ones originally installed).

General Comments:

Very well equipped car (and it all worked).

German-built and the quality shows throughout.

The 24 valve V6 is smooth and quiet, but packs a real punch around 4-5000 RPM.

Handling is a little soft and mostly just the autos (and police spec models) are fitted with limited slip differential, so if you do push too hard you need to be awake...

Excellent tow vehicles (mine pulled a 1600kg caravan for 50 miles with a flat tyre before I realised what was causing the "slight drag"). Oops!!!

Massive boot (even bigger on the estates).

Surprisingly good on fuel for a big V6 powered cruiser.

Electrical niggles can/will occur around 100k miles.

Have oil breathers cleaned when serviced because these can clog up and cause rocker gaskets to fail prematurely.

Get ALL 4 wheels aligned when fitting new tyres and/or suspension components. Rear end is adjustable for camber, and will scrub the tyre inner edge if not set properly.

Go for a later one with the projector beam lights (much better than the earlier plastic lensed ones). If you have an early one with the usual yellowing to the headlamp lenses, there is an easy/cheap way to restore some of their reflective qualities... Put a decent amount of T-cut onto the lense and GENTLY rub it in following the lines of the lense mouldings. Wipe off and repeat as required. Be very gentle as rubbing too hard could damage the lense mouldings and ruin the beam pattern.

LOTS cheaper to buy and service than a BMW/Mercedes, and now becoming a lot rarer on our roads.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2012

1998 Vauxhall Omega CDX 2.5 petrol from UK and Ireland


Vastly underestimated luxury car


Has had 2 rocker cover gasket leaks.

General Comments:

Really smooth and excellent car.

Nicer to drive than my previous Mercedes.

Definitely a motorway car as around town fuel consumption is harsh.

Car has been ultra reliable, once did over 700 miles in a day and still felt reasonably refreshed at the journeys end.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2008

18th Jan 2013, 08:26

I have an Omega 2.5 V6. Driver's seat will not get hot. Can anybody help?

Eric Fisher

1998 Vauxhall Omega GLS 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Don't buy unless you can afford £1500 a year repair cost


Air con compressor replaced.

Had to have the engine re manufactured after 85000 miles due to piston melting.

87000 miles, catalytic converter went, as did the idle valve.

90000 miles replaced front discs and pads.

91000 miles crank sensor went, stating to get more than a bit worried.

95000 - upper front suspensions arms gone.

100000 - steering idle arm faulty.

102000 - both rear coil springs broken.

103000 - Head gasket!!! Outside warranty on engine, company then repaired at cost.

+++multitude of other bits and pieces.

General Comments:

Okay, I am a Vauxhall man through and through. I have had Victor's/Carlton's/Omegas. This one has to be the worse dog that I have ever owned. I stupidly thought that if you fixed the mechanical stuff, you would get some trouble free motoring, how wrong was I. I can only say that the general engineering and design was not very good. Yep, when the car is running OK, it is great to drive, but I do not get a clear month without something. So now I am giving up because this car has almost bankrupt me!

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Review Date: 1st August, 2006

2nd Aug 2006, 05:10

I like the look of the Omega, but I was instantly put off when one of the directors at work got one as a company car in 2001. It was a fully loaded 2.5 CDX auto in metallic burgundy and it looked lovely.

It was however the only car I remember the company "outing" after a year because of the atrocious reliability. It had constant engine management and fuel injection problems, left him at the side of the road three times in the first month and the central locking never worked properly from day one. The final straw was head gasket failure at 9 months at 19,000 miles.

Such as shame because it looked like a well specced and well made car.

4th Aug 2006, 10:54

I've had 2 Omegas, both 2.5's, and both totally 100% reliable and trouble free. Granted I've not notched up more than 80k miles in either, but they served me very well, and I always found the servicing efficient and cheap.

18th Apr 2013, 13:30

I have had Victors, Carltons, Omegas and now an Insignia. The Omega is by far the best Vauxhall ever made; wish I had kept mine. 9 years and not a single fault.