1998 Vauxhall Omega Elite 2.5 V6 24 Valve from UK and Ireland


I will keep this car for years!!!


I have had an oil leak for years and no one seems to be able to find it!

I have had the rocker covers and seals changed which had crumbled.

The under-side of the car is covered in oil , has anyone had a similar problem?

The brake light bulbs blow every couple of months.

General Comments:

The car drives better than most newer cars I have driven.

It is smooth, quiet and very well equipped.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2005

10th Mar 2005, 09:28

A sure way to find that oil leak is to clean the underside of your car! Looking for a black cat in a room with the lights off can be tricky, if you understand the analogy.

1998 Vauxhall Omega CDX 2.5 V6 from UK and Ireland


Excellent VFM


Door weld bracket on Passenger door has failed.

(as mentioned in other reviews, a weak point.)

Digital Display looses "lines" intermittantly.

Bulbs out on passenger side heating display.

General Comments:

Purchased the car with 65k on for £4000.

For a 1999 registered car with this level of equipment, a bargain.

Leather seats and lots of toys.

Xenon Headlights, Leather Interior, Auto transmission, Electric sunroof, Full climate control with automatic air quality sensor and sun sensor, Heated seats, Cruise control, RDS radio & CD multichanger.

Ride is good,

Plenty of power.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2004

1998 Vauxhall Omega CD 2.0 16v Ecotec from UK and Ireland


Good comfortable cruiser


Idle was erratic, alternating between 850 and 1200 RPM. The advice from expert was to change the idle valve this sorted it out spot on.

Alarm was not working this was tracked down to a door micro-switch again advice from Steve at Leicester Motor Factors and a new micro-switch all works now :-)

General Comments:

Being quite tall 6' 6" I needed a car I was comfortable in the Omega is perfect and I average 100 miles a day in great comfort. 2.0 engine is smooth, could do with a little more grunt, but at the average of 44mpg I am not complaining.

Tail end is a bit twitchy in the wet, but nothing too worrying. So far so good.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2003

1998 Vauxhall Omega Elite 3.0 from UK and Ireland


A wolf in sheep's clothing


Xenon Headlight blew 3 weeks into ownership. Dealer did not want anything to do with it. After a quiet work and the mention of a call to a solicitor, they agreed. It was found that the headlight had come free from its fittings. This was £90 for the bulb and £40 fitting. I did not have to pay, but at least you know how much.

Run-out on the brake disc's at front was excessive. £100 and fitted them myself. Easy to fit.

The car eats through tyres like Pavarotti in a spaghetti eating competition, if you select the wrong type of tyre. Get a hard wearing tyre like Pirelli. Do not get Bridgestone. They are way too soft. Pirelli do the best job. 10k miles and still only worn half way. And I do tend to be a bit lead footed.

Power steering pump replaced at 68K miles. £450 (inc labour)

Rear bulbs blow every 2K miles. May be a built in feature.

Do not use main dealers. Search for a local garage with someone who has experience with Vauxhalls. You will find the prices cheaper; they will not ask for the shirt from your back and give your car back with more faults than you started with. But do search.

General Comments:

It is black so a pain to clean, but looks great when it's done.

The best thing, apart from performance and the built-in telephone system, is the rear blind. I noticed someone else also loved this feature. Thank God I am not the only one.

As for performance, it really is a great car. I recently had a bit of fun with a BMW 328i and an Audi TT. When they caught me up at the traffic lights they were a little surprised.

I am still smiling.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2003

30th Apr 2004, 15:04

Try Ring bulbs from Wilkos, I have had no failures in over 2 years 35,000.miles. There are a lot of cheap eastern European imported bulbs that are useless, even in brand-name packets.

17th May 2005, 18:57

Yes I have had bulb problems as well and was recommended Ring Bulbs and have had no problems.

As for the BMW and AudiTT incident, I have had something very similar, and oh, how I laughed too. Their girlfriends were none to impressed. Neither was my wife though.

I too am still smiling though.