1998 Vauxhall Omega Tourer 2.6 V6 from UK and Ireland



General Comments:

A comfortable powerful car with massive carrying capacity. Heavy depreciation is its main drawback.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2003

1998 Vauxhall Omega CDX 2.5 V6 petrol from UK and Ireland




Original ECU needed replacing at just 11,000 miles

Crankshaft angle sensor and MAP sensor failed

Catalytic convertor internals fell apart

Coil pack spiked and took out ECU number 2

Fuel computer display switched itself on and off

Wheel bearings started groaning

Central locking failed

Key got stuck in the ignition and refused to budge - whole lock set and keys replaced.

Head gaskets blew.

General Comments:

A faster, more refined and more capable car than the Scorpio I had before, but I have never in my life owned such a liability of a car. Something was always wrong with it. The Scorpio let me down once during a similar ownership period and mileage, and that was down to a £12 relay! This thing actually left me stranded five times, and was rarely working 100% correctly.

Vauxhall compound the problems with their astonishinglu clueless, rude and totally uninterested dealers and so-called customer service department.

Despite its undeniable talents (smooth engine, decent go, surprisingly good handling), this is nothing more than a crap, poorly developed product sold and "supported" by a crap low rent company. Avoid at all costs unless you have masochistic tendencies. Or you want to work as an unpaid Vauxhall development engineer.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2003

6th Feb 2003, 19:19

And your experience is most probably similar to owners of other makes/models it's not an Omega phenomenon. There will always be a pig in a production run, sounds like you got it. For every bad one there are likely to be a 100 good ones. This is a solid and reliable motor. Just buy low mileage with history.

1st Nov 2004, 19:57

Poor chap.

You must have got a rogue one.

I had a Triumph 2500 like that years ago which was nothing, but trouble. After that I bought two more like an idiot, but they turned out to be great cars.

The first one went wrong on a weekly basis!!!

30th Dec 2004, 08:01

I could not agree with this review more, The Vauxhall dealers where I live in Newry are all incompetent where these cars are concerned. They don't fully know how to repair them, and you are left standing about while they perform oil changes on Corsas.

Omegas were poorly developed, and have a lot of common faults, that are expensive to repair. If you own one which is reliable so far, could yourself lucky, but remember it WILL cost you in the long run.

1998 Vauxhall Omega CDX 2.0 from UK and Ireland


It's a monster that needs TLC


The passenger seat map holder fell off after a year.

The ashtray and cigarette light tray jammed after a year and a half.

The engine cuts out intermittently at slow speeds.

The alternator has been replaced three times due to a high pitched whining noise. This is still happening and the main dealer seems unable to fix it.

The cabin lets in a lot of water so much that the rear passenger foot-well can have up to three inches of water in it.

General Comments:

The car is very comfy and easy to drive, the 2.0 liter engine struggles of the lights, but is fine on the motorway.

It is very well equipped, but I have been deeply disapointed with competence and cost of the main dealer.

The estates boot is huge, and I use it to tow a trailer, the combination makes for a great load lugger.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2002

18th Nov 2002, 12:53

Engine cutting out on the 2.0 l version is a common problem and is caused by fouling up of the idle-control valve. In addition to removing and cleaning valve, need to remove all accumulated deposits from breather hose and pay special attention to where hose enters throttle housing at bend. Once cleaned up engine may run without recurrence of fault for may 1000's miles.