9th Sep 2005, 04:02

Regarding handbrake.

My button on the lever kept getting stuck in after pressing it - and hence it would not ratchet and I could not use the handbrake. I have since had a new lever fitted under warranty. Is this is what happened to you?

13th Sep 2005, 04:40

Is it possible to carry a 5th passenger in this car as I have heard that there is no center seat belt in the rear seat? It would only be on very rare occasions that I would need this.

13th Apr 2006, 13:12

I've just had a new vectra sri - handbrake failed in car park fortunately only rolled against a wooden post. Happened again last night on my drive (on a slope), definitely put the hand brake on - got out to empty the boot and heard a loud click, car started rolling. Ran off the drive and into a bank on the lane opposite scuffing the rear wing. Something fishy I think - going in for a check at the garage next week. Have driven one for 6 months and this is the first time there's been a problem.

25th May 2006, 14:38

I parked car in my drive and applied handbrake. My kids got things from the boot, so the car definitely had the hand brake applied. After 2 minutes inside the house, there was a loud bang; the car had rolled down the drive and hit a parked taxi. This looks like a potentially very dangerous defect.

4th Nov 2006, 14:15

I have recently purchased a Signum Design 2.2 dti, lovely car nice to drive and very economical, however I have just noticed a quiet bumping sound coming from the front end.

It sounds as though it is from the drive shafts.

I have booked it into the local Vauxhall dealer on 18th November 06 as it is covered by warranty until January 07.

Just wondered if anyone might have an idea.


5th Nov 2006, 13:31

Bought my 3.2 V6 Elite two and a half years ago and have covered 60,000 miles over its original 12,000 at purchase. The engine is harsh when pushed, but does go very quickly once the revs arrive. Build quality is good. Rear suspension problems do though seem to abound. Just had new shocks and am told by the main dealer that there is play in the rear mountings. The windscreen wiper connecting rod fell off and required renewal. Had on two occasions to call for AA assistance due to loss of engine compression. Was told this was due to starting the engine from cold and reversing just a few yards before turning it off! The numberplate light stays on for more than 30 minutes after parking. The dealership checked this and said it was normal! The cruise control is a problem. It will work initially, but if manually disengaged during use it will not work again until the vehicle is stopped and re-started! Water can get in to the spare tyre sump and fill to considerable depth. Also, the rear n/s foot-well carpet has become saturated!

As a workhorse vehicle the car has performed adequately. Depreciation is massive. The car is now just over three years old on 73,000 miles and is, according to a respected dealership, worth just £4,800 with FSH! Although perhaps 60% of my mileage is motorway the car does return 30.3 mpg which I think is quite impressive for such a large engine. Would I buy another? I think not. If you do a proper mathematical equation you would be better with an Audi A3 2.0TDI. The saving over three years would buy you three month long luxury cruises for two.

13th Dec 2006, 01:29

I have a Vectra 3.2 and the comments about handbrake and cruise control sound familiar. I have had the handbrake fail and roll forward onto the kerb - now always leave it in gear. Cruise control is intermittent. From what I have read these and the suspension seem to be common faults.

I have also had the rear suspension replaced by Vauxhall just before 3 yrs old and the oil cooler was replaced after springing a water leak.

Vauxhall - not again - back to Fords I think.

22nd Dec 2006, 04:24

My Signum rolled down my drive 10mins after I had parked on an incline of no more than 5 degrees, I had my brakes repaired (discs and pads) that day. I complained to the repairer that my handbrake was ineffective and received a reply that it was 'an automatically adjusting brake and will take time to bed in'. Unhappy with this explanation I took the problem to my lease hire company and Vauxhall and had the brake checked by a Main Dealer I was told the same as before. I have just finished speaking with a customer care advisor at Vauxhall, who advised me that my car should always be parked in gear 'as recommended by the highway code'. I pointed out that the highway code does recommend leaving a parked car in gear on a hill, but not level ground.

Question is, is an incline of 5 Degrees a hill? I don't think so! I also think that if a handbrake is supplied on a car it should work under more trying conditions that mine failed on otherwise it is not 'fit for purpose'.

Vauxhall/GM deny that there is a problem, I urge all drivers with the same experience to let them know there is!

29th Dec 2006, 16:02

I've a slightly different problem with my Signum and slopes. If I park facing up the slope, it won't start the following morning unless I let it roll back on to the flat wait a while then give it some welly. Park the other way round and it starts first time. Does the Signum have a gravity assisted fuel system?

No problem with the handbrake though, although I did experience something similar with the Zafira. Parked it on the slope, went in, 10 minutes later knock on the door to ask why I'd parked the car in the road.

30th Dec 2006, 09:01

If it's a DTi it will need the leak off pipes renewing, easy job and cheap.

7th Mar 2007, 11:59

Hi, bought a 2.2 elite signum 53, 2 months ago, now got a knocking sound coming from the front sounds like a warn bush or track rod end, also when I go up and down speed ramps, I can hear a squelching sound at the front. had it in the garage, couldn't find anything wrong, but changed the anti roll bar drop links, problems still there. can ANY one help. thanks.

1st May 2007, 06:31

I have a 53 plate Signum, after many problems last year with the engine cutting out on the motorway, I am now getting a camshaft sensor light. Anybody else having these problems, might just take it back to see I can get it fixed through Vauxhall

2nd Aug 2007, 11:24

Have had a Signum Elite 2.0 DTi since 2004, purchased a 53 plate (8 mnths old) thought it was a lovely car and great value for money in comparison to previous cars I have owned, Saab, Mercedes. However on reading some of the reviews it appears I have experienced all the faults highlighted from, cruise control failure, handbrake failure, condensation in front fog lights, windscreen wiper failure and saturated rear n/s carpet! The majority of which had been fixed under warranty. However in August 2006 the engine management system started to fail, initially with warning lights then all dials on the dash reading zero whilst the car was still driving and on pulling over each time the engine would fail to restart. After several attempts over a three week period the dealership finally fixed the problem; I was advised they had replaced some of the computer chps. However less than a year later the problem has reoccurred and again by process of elimination the garage are attempting to fix. This time no warranty and despite being within the year the work is not guaranteed. The car is in the garage for the second time this week. Has anyone else experienced similar problems with the engine since the mechanics are having difficulty determining the fault codes?! I have emailed Vauhall HQ and am waiting for a reply.