2nd Jul 2008, 14:51

04, 2.0 diesel. fuel/start problems sorted out under warranty thankgoodness. Wheel noise sorted out under warranty but missed leaking shock problem, I renewed both aft shocks with a private garage, (gas shocks). 41,000ml no power and I am looking to change to a more reliable car.

21st Jul 2008, 16:12

Has anyone had their Signum recalled to fix the hand brake problem?

I received a letter and a sticker for the sun visor to remind me to leave it in gear when parked, and to make sure the hand brake engaged on the cogs, but nothing else.

23rd Jul 2008, 04:23

Email me ASAP... my suspension collapsed, prior noises as you described... my email letstry@blueyonder.co.uk.

1st Aug 2008, 13:22

Until recently I have been reasonably pleased with our Signum (03 reg) for the last 3 years. We have the slight knocking I read about but it doesn't cause too much concern now. We have recently had the spanner warning light on the dashboard. After showing nothing on the diagnostic computer it stalled on a major junction so we called the breakdown people out who identified the P1191 error code. Our local Vauxhall dealership charged £65 +VAT to check the error code before they would consider doing the repairs - the total bill was £570 for a new fuel pump and sensor!. We also have a problem with the boot lock. When we use the key fob to open the car the boot 'pops' - it doesn't open properly and you can't shut it so you have to climb into the boot through the car and insert the key in the back of the lock - you need a 2nd person to lift the boot/tailgate once you release it. I would appreciate if anyone has any ideas on a cure.

10th Aug 2008, 13:37

I have had similar problems too... mine's a 55 plate 1.9 CDTi Signum 150ps, suspension (I think) knocking on both sides, has had faulty EGR valve replaced, hand brake spring and full inlet manifold, + 1 rear hub, but the suspension problem has not been cured, still knocking???

16th Aug 2008, 12:44

Take apart the switch for the tailgate; it's dirt on the rocker switch.

19th Aug 2008, 07:43

I was reasonably happy with my Signum 05' plate until very recently.

Feb 08' car starting pulling at speed and diagnosed with oxygen sensor problem. replaced under warranty.

Warranty expired march 08'. Problem re-occurs 3 weeks ago, car been in and out of garage 4 times.

- ECU new software upload and reset £42

- New coil pack £165

- Possible new fuel pump now. £???

The car is still with Vauxhall as they are saying that there maybe a recall for the fuel pump and they have ceased making the old version. Awaiting Vx tech centre advice. Meanwhile driving a astra van as replacement, quality!

Similar horror stories??

9th Sep 2008, 05:42

05 2.2 Signum Design - bought pre-registered from VX central pool with 800 miles on the clock in Aug 05.

Quite happy with the car until last summer (2 years into ownership) when the engine spanner light kept coming on intermittently. I drove to the local VX garage to have it diagnosed when the car cut out completely on the roundabout outside the garage. The car was in for just over a fortnight while parts were ordered from Germany. Fuel Rail and pump replaced under warranty.

Fast forward to this summer, 13 months after the last repair and 4 months after it's last service (34k on the clock). The engine spanner light has returned. Visiting my local garage for the diagnostics check; the Service Manager (before seeing the car) asks me what engine I have. I told him, and he said it would almost certainly be the fuel rail problem. Diagnostic checks confirmed this and he then told me that he has 2.2 Vectras and Signums "falling from the sky" and that VX have 600 fuel parts on back order for this problem. They've ordered the parts and expect them in about 3 weeks but couldn't give definite date nor price - only estimated £600. The prior parts were replaced under the car's initial 3 year warranty and don't have their own 12 month warranty.

We were going on holiday the following evening and the garage strongly advised me not to take the car. They gave me the number of the nearest Enterprise Car Rental and told me to speak to the manager. We had a people carrier for the week (£350ish) but we're now having to extend the hire (with a smaller car) until the replacement parts have arrived. When my wife went to pick up the hire car she met another couple with a 2.2 Vectra who were also picking up a rental - they said that their car had gone through 6 fuel rails and pumps.

I'm dealing with Vauxhall about this issue and hoping they can satisfactorily fix the problem and provide recompense.

22nd Sep 2008, 08:19

I Bought a 54 plate Signum - front spring snapped - spent £450 replacing the pair and one tyre - just had a new master cylinder fitted (Pedal was creeping down excessively) and a full service - now the alternator seems to have failed I lost the power steering the ABS lights flashing the dash lights were flashing on and off - whats next???

23rd Sep 2008, 09:45

05 Zafira 2.2 petrol.

Same problem as a lot of other people, car is currently in the garage for 3rd time since May for the same problem, high pressure fuel pump knackered. Engine cut out on me in middle of busy roundabout and nearly got hit by a lorry, had two small children in the back at the time and was not very pleasant.

The pump went in May and June 2008 and was replaced under warranty, 3 months later its gone again and because the car's warranty expired in July they want me to pay 50%, over £300.00 for parts they have only just replaced!

This is obviously a problem Vauxhall are aware of and are refusing to acknowledge, I am disgusted.

4th Oct 2008, 08:58

Just found this thread as I have been waiting for 6 weeks for a fuel pump for my 04 2.2 Signum.

No idea from Vx when it may be in.

Anybody else got any news?

I am running a 1.9 cdti 150 Vectra from Enterprise rental, at my expense, while I wait and even with a deal its costing £150 a week.


12th Oct 2008, 15:56

Signum V6 CDTI 54 plate. I have owned this car since January this year. The rear shocks needed replacing with 30K on the clock which was done under warranty.

Over the last month or so the warning light with a car with a spanner through the middle of it has started to appear. It only comes on when I am accelerating the car quite hard and the car basically stops the turbo from spinning. If I turn everything off inc engine it re-sets itself and is OK. I have had it back to the dealer and they could not find anything wrong. Has anyone else seen this problem with the V6 CDTI models?

2nd Dec 2008, 13:47

Hi, I have a 55 plate Design direct 2.2 petrol. Nice car. Had it 4 months and been in garage 2 of them. Again clonking noises from the front suspension. Started drivers side, now both sides. Been in garage twice both times, returned saying there is nothing wrong.

It's now yet again in the garage, and after test driving it with a mechanic I have proved these noises exist!

Still can't find the problem they say. To be continued...

Again, anyone who has had these problems cured, please advise...