9th Dec 2011, 11:38

We also have a problem with a leak. When it rains, the front passenger side fills up. Have you managed to find out what causes it? We would appreciate reading it if you have solved the problem.


8th Feb 2012, 07:20

Just read your comments. Had the same problem. The drain holes under the vent below the windscreen were blocked, and the pollen filter was u/s. Seems to have fixed it, but we've not had heavy rain since.

19th Feb 2012, 07:52

It is a Vauxhall problem; they have all been recalled for handbrake faults. Mine goes in next week.

18th Apr 2012, 03:15

I've bought an 05 2.0 litre Signum. It looks and drives beautiful, but unfortunately I have the same problem with the suspension, as just going over sharp bumps (speed humps, pot holes) creates a very embarrassing noise, and now my anti skid light has just decided to light up intermittently. I'm not wasting any more time or effort on the suspension, but the anti skid light is another matter. Is it going to cost a bomb, or is it just a switch somewhere, can anyone help please?

29th Apr 2012, 10:22

Hi all!

Just been reading about the water inside the car. I had a 2.2 Signum do the same, and my blower fan stopped working. I found that the drain holes in the bulk head blocked. Pocked these clean with a long screw driver, and the inside soon dried up. The blower fan resister had popped because of the water in the heater box. Replaced the resistor pack, all OK.

18th May 2012, 11:48

Hi. This could simply have been disk pad rattle.

I have a 2003 Signum 2.2, and had some pretty awful sounds coming from rear brakes; sounded like the whole undercarriage was about to drop off. Turned out to be the pads rattling.

One solution is to shim the pads if there is any excessive play.

You only need about 1 or 2 millimeters, and the rattle can be deafening.

15th Jun 2012, 09:28

It's kind of reassuring that all the problems I have had are being had by other Signum owners... I thought it was just me!

My 2.2 Direct has done 64k, and is in the garage pretty much every other week at the moment.

Windscreen drainage blocked, causing about 2cm of water to build up throughout all offside foot-wells.

Handbrake recall.

Bearings, sections of the anti-roll bar, exhaust back box are a few recent expenses.

Fuel pump recall. I agree with earlier comments that fuel and responsiveness has decreased since.

The suspension has been very dodgy for a while now, but I am putting off the garage checking this, as I am skint!!! It wants to go left/right every time I go over any type of bump.

17th Sep 2012, 17:26

Hi, did you solve this problem? Please contact me at villacross@yahoo.co.uk.


19th Sep 2012, 05:55

Hi guys, I've recently bought an 06 2.2 Signum off a guy, and all seems fine, but I just want to know how do I go about finding out if there is any recall work outstanding on the car? And if so, does it cost, as the car is now out of warranty?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

3rd Oct 2012, 17:13

I have had the same Signum 2.0T for last 7 years. The suspension has made a noise from day one. To this day, I still have had no major problems with the car, and only changed normal service parts, but I do trust the garage who service my car, and it has never been in a Vauxhall dealer garage, apart from its first service. This may be the reason I do not have any faults.

18th Feb 2013, 07:42

Yes -

All four suspension springs broke with mileage between 40k and 50k.

Very common problem.

18th Feb 2013, 07:44

Our Signum 3.0 Elite has dreadful suspension problems - loud bumps, grounding out, etc. The garage says it can't see the problem; certainly not worth spending further money on the car - our solution - pay out as little as possible and wait for the car to collapse.

8th Mar 2013, 15:55

I have an 05 Signum. The knocking on the rear will be the curved arms going to the rear hub. The way to tell this problem is grab hold of the back wheels and rock it back and forth. If you have movement, that's what it is. Do not jack it up though to check, because it won't move cos of the weight in them. Mine went through an MoT like this.

22nd Mar 2013, 03:58

Oh dear! I just bought an 04 Signum, then stumbled onto this page! Now I'm concerned!

14th Apr 2013, 19:20

You might like to know that in Spain where I live, the EGR valve for my 2009 3.0 V6 CDTi Vauxhall Signum cost me 184 euros from my local Opel dealer as an exchange unit. So it would seem that good old rip off Britain is still alive and kicking.

16th Apr 2013, 22:17

Hi, I've had a similar issue with my Signum at 130,000 miles. It turned out to be the EGR valve sticking open (the valve is at the back of the engine on the right hand side), no fault codes, just power loss and hesitation when accelerating. It's easy to clean and there are a few guides on various forums; it took me 4-5 hours (because I'm fussy). You just need to take the valve off the car and give it a good clean. Job done - the car is back to normal.

12th May 2013, 02:45

Has anyone come across a problem with the Signum heater blower? Will only work with the rear nearside door open. Shut the door and the blower stops. Can anyone help please?

11th Jun 2013, 03:49

Try changing the drop links at the front. It's an easy job; should sort your problem out.

20th Jun 2013, 10:01

That's not far off from what I've had done on my 1.9 150 Siggy. If I was you, I'd get away from Vauxhall's total rubbish.

8th Sep 2013, 05:17

I cannot believe these comments, they mirror my problems exactly.

Bought a 10 month old Signum 2 litre diesel 6 years ago. Within weeks I had an oil leak all over my drive.

3 months later, doing 70 on motorway, it slowed right down to 40mph. That was the turbo boost gone.

The car was fine for year or so, although every MOT brought problems. Then a wheel bearing went. The next MOT cost 700 with a catalogue of problems, including a loud clunking sound that turned out to be broken wishbone. Again I was on the motorway with 2 children in the car.

Then the clutch had to be replaced; 750 pounds.

Yes I have been flooded many times also.

Last week I was driving home and couldn't engage gears. All the obvious signs have been checked and the garage are saying it's a bit of a mystery. I have just got to have the car back and hope for best. I am seeing a car sales person tomorrow about new car. It will be a Vauxhall though; I believe I have just had really bad luck.

14th Sep 2013, 15:15

Check the pollen filter inside the engine bay and check the drainage holes. A common problem is people don't check or clear the area, and it fills up with water, then goes into the passenger well!!

20th Sep 2013, 21:40

I've just bought a cheep Signum with problems. Just wondering if anyone can shed light on this please? It's a 54 reg 2.0 DTi. It will not rev up at all, and clouds of white smoke are coming out the exhaust. I've had the codes read and it's showing throttle position sensor circuit 1 & 2 high input... don't have a clue where to start after reading so many different stories. Have been told it could be the diesel pump? Any help is much appreciated.