25th Oct 2013, 14:49

Did you ever fix the problem, as I have the same problem?

7th Nov 2013, 03:05

Can anyone help me? My 1.9 Signum is losing power every now and again, but no lights come on. When it stops, I wait for a few seconds and it starts again. I think it might be the fuel filter, but not sure. Can anyone help?

1st Apr 2014, 08:17

I have a Signum 2.2 petrol - I think it's a 55/56 plate (can't tell you as I haven't had it long and it's with Vauxhall at the minute).

This was the best car I have owned until the warning light came on (car with spanner through it). I will be driving and suddenly it slows down, no matter how much power I'm trying to give - and then it suddenly cuts out. I have 2 daughters and I also drive my very small nieces around. Driving this car has now become very scary for me.

I like to go out places - but now I only dare drive to and from school.

Vauxhall, first of all are conning you know what's, and have called me saying they can't find a problem - so I'm paying over £100 just for them to look at it and say "we don't know"... I thought these were professionals???

Anyways - can anyone at all help me out?

As I said, I'm driving and then the car slows, cuts out completely and refuses to budge for ten minutes, and then will repeat.

Please help - I don't have a lot of money and Vauxhall have treated me like crap, and I don't know what's happening to it.

Email is emma_brynt@yahoo.com


14th Apr 2014, 05:31


My neighbour had the exact same problem with her 2.2i Signum. It would cut out and not start again for 10 - 15 minutes. Turns out the oil was so low the car was cutting out to protect the engine. I hope Vauxhall have checked this for you, but I would defo check your oil level.


19th Apr 2014, 12:03

Hi, I have a Vauxhall Signum 2.0T 2004, which has done 86k, and recently had a problem while driving. The car started to judder like it was struggling for fuel, and also cut out when stopping. It loses all power while it is doing this too. Not sure what the problem is, but the engine warning light has just came on too. Would appreciate any help and advice.

Many thanks, Lee

16th Jun 2014, 14:37

I had the same problem. Mine was the vacuum pump on the brakes, because I noticed when this happened, that the brakes got very hard.

4th Oct 2014, 20:13

Could be the fuel pump.

13th Oct 2014, 16:25

Hi Emma, sorry for the delay, however I have only just seen your post today. You have a known Vauxhall problem & it is either the fuel pressure regulator or the petrol pump. I had several of each replaced due to this fault, & the problem is now sorted. You should go to Vauxhall direct & ask for a subsidy as this is a known issue. Good luck!

18th Feb 2015, 17:11

I have Signum 2.2 petrol, It goes 30mph and then loses power, and then works again for about 5 minutes. Then does it again. Any ideas, and how much would it cost to fix?

19th Apr 2015, 15:25

Hi all. I have a 55 reg Signum 3.0 CDTi. It's awful; the electrics are terrible, my central locking is completely broke, my boot doesn't work after changing the button and mechanism, and it's now got a fault for the DPF, and the car keeps juddering when accelerating. And if I push it too hard, it goes into limp mode and I lose the turbo. Anybody know how to resolve any of these problems, or know if anybody wants to buy one as spares or repairs? Cheers guys.

23rd May 2015, 20:49

Hi, I have a 2.2 Elegance CDTi. It's nothing but trouble. We tow a caravan, and on the way down the turbo cuts out and we have to stop and restart the car.

My warning lights come on saying need new bulbs, I have had a new steering rack, and many other things. I need a new car.

10th Nov 2015, 09:42

I had the same problem with my 3.0 V6 diesel Vectra C. It was found that one injector was faulty, and after an expensive replacement, everything was fine and back to normal. You can buy second hand injectors on eBay for around £45 each, and if you are willing to spend an extra £25, you can have them rebuilt and tested by post. Much cheaper than the new Denso injector at £300+.

31st Jan 2016, 22:03

Hi all. I recently purchased a Vauxhall Signum 1.9 CDTi 150 BHP on an 06 plate.

In the first week of ownership, it was a great car; very fast and responsive, but had a slight whistle on the revs on starting. Then the symbol came on in speed clock area, a car with spanner, so it went to our local garage and it had 4 new injectors and DPF filter, very costly. It came out and a few days later the light was back on with no code. Seems like the turbo is not working now as there's no power kick in at 2.5 thousand revs, and the whistle has stopped, so have purchased another turbo and got a full service kit including cambelt and tensioner. I'm hoping this solves its problems as it has cost a lot so far, and I'm thinking of giving in if it comes on again after this, as I can no longer fund any more parts.

3rd Mar 2016, 16:39

I bought a 2004 Signum 2.2 DTi Design a couple of years ago and have had constant problems. I have learnt to live with most of them.

I have had the left side of the car fill up with water when it rains hard, along with the left rear lights; not an issue if you keep towels on the floor and replace them regularly and empty the light compartment.

I have at least four messages about lights not working every time I start the car, even though they are working fine.

If I use too much power or go over 70mph, then the car goes into limp mode. I tried multiple things to fix this problem, but have decided that it cannot be fixed. All I do when it goes into limp mode now is I hold the clutch down and switch the engine off, and then turn it back on and it's fine. I used to pull over and do it, but you can do it whilst driving if you have a straight bit of road.

What else... Oh the CD player has just died; not really an issue as I have the radio.

The most recent problem is that my fan has stopped working - this is an issue and I will have to get a replacement ASAP as it's useful to be able to clear the windscreen quickly, and to benefit from air con and heat.

If I had known of all the problems I would face with the car, then I probably would not have bought it, but as I have it and cannot afford a new one, I just deal with it. It is still the best car I have ever owned and I do love it. It's a love-hate relationship.