17th May 2009, 13:54

Hi, I have a problem with my 2.0 DTi Signum. When cruising the car at about 2500 to 3500 revs, the car is pulling back and forward like it's struggling for fuel. Any ideas?

26th May 2009, 05:36

Hi, I had the same issue. Just have a look at the air filter. Easy job, will need HEX Keys. You may find it's blocked and can't get enough air.

28th May 2009, 06:47

Signum 2.2 DTI Elegance 53 Plate.

Last month had to spend £400 on a complete set of springs, as both front and rear near side had broken, near the bottom. Had the car just under two yrs, bought it from a Network Q dealer. Looks like it had been like this for some time by the rust on the fracture. Also in March had the wiper assembly replaced as one of the arms fell off (bad design). Last November had the front anti-roll assembly replaced.

This month had the EML light on, happens when either accelerating or going up a hill, the car was fine when going around town. If you stop the car and turn the engine off, then start again, it clears the fault. A work colleague recommended an ex Vauxhall garage. They found it to be the vacuum pipes to the boost valve and EGR to be worn, and the rubber pipe joints had split at the ends, gave error code P0234 or something.

Got the car back, and took it onto the motorway, went to overtake and it happened again, EML on, stop then restart cleared fault. Took back to garage, they had it in for best part of the day, and found that the problem to be a mechanical issue on the turbo, the boost valve was only partially opening when put under load. So new turbo required, they manged to track down the right part number for the turbo eventually, it is (R1630002), apparently they (Vauxhall) are on about the fourth or fifth revision. Good news only £276.00 for a new turbo, the total bill came to £478, and they didn't charge for the time spent in diagnosing the problem.

So have spent the best part of £1200 this year to date. Car now drives and handles excellently.

The 'lake' in the passenger foot well, had this in January. If you lift the flat to get to the pollen filter, if you feel on the bottom of the chamber, there is a drain hole. It gets blocked, just use a finger to clear out any dead leaves etc.

Sorry if I've gone on, but there may be some snippets that are useful to other Signum owners.

15th Jun 2009, 09:37

I have had Signum for 4 years. The problems with the car have been.

New clutch and flywheel after 65000 miles; cost £1100.

New rear shocks from oil filled to gas filled after 40000 miles cost £156.

EML light coming on. Vauxhall dealer told me a new EGR system is needed, cost £500. When I told them it was under warranty, the problem became lose pins on EGR system. They tightened them at up no cost to me as under warranty, and no cost to Vauxhall as new EGR unit not now needed.

Petrol gauge not working in tandem with computer reading. New float in petrol tank done under warranty.

EML light is coming on similar to previous peoples will try their solution.

Finally just had car MOTed, and new tyres and brakes. OK, so happy, but it failed on a cracked rear spring cost £245.

As you can see I am well peeved off with car; for the cost of the car new, £24000, after 5 years the car is not fetching much more than a scrap allowance vehicle. Ironic really as repair costs are more than car value.

Will not buy another Signum, maybe not even a Vauxhall at all.

11th Oct 2009, 13:22

I've just bought a used Signum, 55 plate with 56K on the clock, at a cost of 6K. Good buy or bad?

4th Dec 2009, 07:25

I had hoped for some sort of answer to my problem, but reading all the posts to date, there are potentially loads of answers

I have a 3.0 CDTi that intermittently loses power to a crawl, but does not cut out and then fires up and runs OK after a re-start.

Vauxhall don't know what's wrong. They have done all the usual diagnostics without an answer. They have and are keeping the car for a few days to run it to try and duplicate the fault.

Anyone offer any words of wisdom???

16th Dec 2009, 09:54

I am the unfortunate owner of a 06 plate Vauxhall Signum 3.0 CDTi with 62000 on the clock. Have to say it's been the most unreliable car I have owned. I bought the car 18 months ago, and in that time have suffered 2 x split hoses, failure of ventilation system, clunking from front suspension, snapped front springs, seized front and rear calipers and now it ha just started losing power, juddering and cutting out. Fortunately I have a good mate who is a mechanic and has sorted most of this for me rather than paying the extortionate Vauxhall prices. However he could not diagnose the engine problem as there were no fault codes.

The car has been to Vauxhall today, who for the price of £88 performed a diagnostics check on the car only to tell me... there were no faults on it. They are now doing a 'software upgrade' costing another £80. Has anyone got any ideas as to what the cause of this problem may be, as apparently Vauxhall can't even identify it.

8th Jan 2010, 08:40

While parked on a hill, my handbrake failed on my 04 1.9 CDTi, this caused it to smash through a wall, causing damage to the rear of the car. Luckily the car has a towbar fitted, which took most of the impact. This has cost me over £400 due to towing and tyres, and I still haven't started on the body damage and scuffed alloys.

Vauxhall are looking into this. I am going to pursue this. According to Vauxhall, these cars were recalled, but a few, including mine, a Vauxhall owned courtesy car, were not. I am going to pursue this, and think everyone affected should do the same.

24th Jan 2010, 07:29

I have a 2.2 Signum 04 plate and I get a knocking from what seems to be the left front suspension. It only happens when going over a bump or through a hole in the road. I was thinking it was the anti-roll bar bushes as seems to be the case on a few comments posted on here. Does anyone have a better idea or does anyone agree with me? Let me know at crrb1@hotmail.com.



26th Jan 2010, 11:12

Hi all,

I've just brought a Vauxhall Signum 2.2 DTi... I've owned the car for 5 weeks, and it's been in the repair shop for four of them! I get the usual problem with the spanner light coming on, and the car engine dies as soon as the light appears..

I've had it in Vauxhall, and had two fault codes appear... One for an accelerator pedal, and another for a vacuum pipe. It has had both parts changed, but I still have the problem. Lost count on how many times Vauxhall have checked and reset the ecu.. Its dangerous to drive as it's constantly cutting out when you're pulling out of junctions or just when casually driving. In all honesty, I was over the moon with the looks of the car, but now I hate it because of all the problems... not even Vauxhall can fix it...