12th Jan 2009, 08:28

No car at the moment... Phew! I just discovered Signums yesterday and loved it. Am looking for an estate but this seemed to be a perfect middle ground... Well, all I can say is thank you to all that have posted on here, because now I'm not going to touch it with a barge pole. They sound like money pits... Am so sorry so many of you have found out the hard way, but I hope that knowing Vauxhall aren't going to get money out of me because of your kind posts helps a little...

So... Anyone got any ideas of another car I could get... I'm all out of ideas... about £5000 to spend... Initially started looking at Ford Focus estates... Think I may go back to that idea..

20th Jan 2009, 10:34

I have a Signum Elegance 1.9 on an 04 plate.

Springs have all been replaced, fuel filter was replaced but had to go back to Vauxhall as it was spitting out flames on the motorway, slave valve was replaced when I lost all gear selection while driving home, again on the motorway, that one cost me £1230 and it was just out of warranty.

Now there's another problem. On starting and pulling away the car refuses to reach above 10mph, then suddenly it spurts to life. Just been quoted £42.00 for half hour diagnostic. What do you all think?

27th Jan 2009, 02:54

I have a 55 plate 3.0 CDTi Signum. I have the same problems; spanner light comes on, loss of power, take to the garage, they find nothing wrong with it, because as soon as you switch the engine off, it resets itself, though last time it had this problem with no warning light on, I was just about to drop it in the garage after a chat with the service manager, then the problem went away, then it came back again with the spanner light coming on again.

J. Clarkson was right; if they cannot be bothered to build a car, then I can not be bothered to drive it.


1st Mar 2009, 14:06

This goes out to the guy who is no longer buyer a Signum because he has read the review on here. I have owned a 3.0 CDTi V6 2004 since new!! Nothing has ever gone wrong with it. I haven't experienced any of the mentioned. All you need to do is look at the number of complaints on here against the number of Signums on the road. My maths isn't great but I would say it's a pretty good car. Remember you could buy a lemon in what ever you choose. I owned a 206 which cost me £7500 in repairs in 3 years!! Other people love them!!

12th Mar 2009, 16:07

I last posted a comment on here in 2008, I have a new problem and wonder if anyone can help me? The engine hot or cold when I put my foot down the engine will initially lack power and then suddenly meet the demand you want. The problem is more notable at lower speeds. There's no dash lights coming on saying there is a problem and I'm at a loss.

Can anyone help me???

23rd Mar 2009, 10:41

Hi all. Last posted a review of my 2.2 ltr Design direct Signum in Nov. My car was in the garage then and is now!

Knocking noise from the front suspension.

Went to Vauxhall and they said nothing wrong. Threatened to give the car back, now they find it's the anti roll bars. Been replaced and problem cured! Amazing...

29th Mar 2009, 17:16

Signum 3.0 CDTi V6, Jan 04, 32500 miles.

Offside front spring broke puncturing the tyre, going slowly thank heavens! No springs to be found in UK, two weeks now. Can only assume this is a common problem as replacements have run out!

Yes, have had rear shocks done on warranty. Front broken spring showed signs of corrosion across the break, which indicates there must have been a flaw/crack in the spring.

9th Apr 2009, 14:37

I have a Signum Design 2.2 DTi. Its had front springs, rear shocks and a crankshaft pulley. Despite this it is a great load carrier an excellent towcar (trailer and MGF 37 mpg) and superbly economical- 50 + easily attainable with a best of 61.1 mpg.

P.S. It's not only Vauxhall who have spring breakage problems - lots of other manufacturers have similar problems!

13th Apr 2009, 12:13

Where do I start. I bought a Signum 2.0 DTi Elite last year. It seems never been out of the garage.

It started with the spanner light on dash coming on and cutting out. After a diagnostic report, was told it was the EGR valve. Paid £500 to get it fixed as the warranty doesn't cover. It worked fine for 4 weeks, then the same happened again. Told it was boost pressure solenoid this time, costing £463. Same again; worked for 2 months, same thing happened, this time told it was electronic throttle solenoid sensor, another £400+ to fix.

It worked great for 6 months, then the front N/S coil springs snapped, costing £300 to fix. Now 3 days after fixing that, the the spanner light comes on again and cuts out. Dreading this new bill as obviously going to be told it's not covered under warranty. Would never buy another Vauxhall again!!

20th Apr 2009, 12:57

Message for the guys with 3.0 V6 CDTi cars with the spanner coming on with hard acceleration, I had the same problem. Vauxhall did not know what the problem was. I even took it to a specialist electronics place to see if they could figure it out (they didn't).

I then decided to think about it for a while, and thought it was fine when cruising, but hard acceleration causes the problem. I wondered if the turbo was not able to pull in enough air to burn the massive amount of fuel. I checked the air filter. The air filter box was full of leaves and dried road salt, which had fossilized in the bottom corner of the air box, thus blocking the water drain hole and also not allowing correct air flow. So a hammer and sharp screw driver, and vacuum cleaned the box out, replaced the air filter and checked the oil (that was low); problem solved.

5th May 2009, 13:31

Signum 2.2 DTi 53 plate.

Owned it for 3 years, new turbo after 1 month! Overfill of oil on service by Vauxhall technicians! Then asked if I'd topped up the oil. Repaired under warranty, not dealer's fault.

Rear shockers failed at 53000 miles. Put gas shocks on, now OK.

Now got power steering problems, what else can go wrong with new Vauxhalls. I've owned an Astra 1.4i for 5 years on a 94, and had no bother at all. What's up with vauxhall?

5th May 2009, 20:30

I have a Signum Design 2.2 DTi. It's a 2004 and has had to have rear shocks, EGR valve, throttle body. Just today an Almighty bang from front N.S suspension. I was only turning onto main road at no more than 15-20 mph. What next? I`ve had the car 19 months. Before this I had a VX Omega CD Auto, what a mistake to trade it in for the Signum. OK I get 43 mpg around town, but that's the only advantage.

16th May 2009, 03:53

Hi, did anyone get an answer for the leaks of water inside the car? We have a lake forming in the passenger side front well every time it rains.

Other problems; rear shocks gone at 80000, warning light and loss of power on numerous occasions was an EGR valve problem.

A good car, but I'm somewhat worried by all the comments above.

Cheers, PJ.