15th Jun 2001, 15:43

Are you serious? A Tigra better than a Puma!!! The Puma totally outclasses the Tigra in every way. Pumas are widely regarded as being one of the finest drivers car you can buy whatever you spend.

24th Sep 2001, 09:59

No, are you serious..

I test drove a Tigra and a Puma (putting aside Ford's reputation for building buckets).

BRAND NEW PUMA = Rattles, clunks, bad handling - goes quite well in a straight line though. Not very much torque steer. Looks nice from the front.. what happened to the side profile, could the wheels look any smaller, trust me bigger alloys don't really help that much.

If you are considering a Puma.. only get the Racing version.. that is the only one worth looking at. After Ford made the excellent Escort Cosworth it has been downhill ever since.

TIGRA = The most comfortable drive I have had yet.. very comfy seats, not the best though, Recaro seats always seemed to be better. Good handling. Excellent handling if you go on to lower the suspension. Excellent front and side profile.. And who doesn't love the rear end on the Tigra.. nice light cluster.. interior lets it down a bit though. Reliability in older models not brill.. fixed from about 1995 onwards.

20th Jun 2002, 13:13

Tigra better than a Puma?

Absolutely not. In terms of performance, that's including power and handling, the Puma is leagues ahead. The Puma 1.7VCT has far smoother power delivery across the rev range and will continue to pull noticeably when the Tigra has run out of puff. The Puma steering feels more accurate and 'pointy' and will simply do corners faster!

I have to admit that I liked the Tigar styling when it was first released, but then it was unusual at the time. I think it is feasible that Ford used the success of the Tigra as a start point, but simply did a performance coupe rather than a cosmetic coupe.

There's also the issue of space too. Four adults up in a Puma (for a journey of reasonable length) is not too much of a trauma. But can the same be said of the Tigra? I can't sit in the back of a Tigra without having to kink my head over to one side! And don't even get me started on boot space.

Agree the Puma should have had bigger wheels though- or maybe lower suspension. Fortunately, that's not too big an issue to sort out!