23rd May 2003, 12:23

Hi my name is Gary O'Neil.

I have a Tigra for 2 odd years now. It is a rather attractive machine. When I bought it, it was originally red, but I recently had it sprayed orange, same color as of those new Astra coupe's. The car is body-kitted with a k&n induction kit and a twin loud exhaust outlet. Cold start problems are a pain in the rear with it so my partner said I should try a fully syntethic oil. It's a lot better then it was and he says it drives and takes off smoother. I plan to super chip it later in the year. I have 17" wheels on it which have scraped of the underside of the arches so I may change them. Also the front splitter got caught on a ramp and took it off : (Generally the reliability of the car has been fine and their cheap to buy now.I may sell it in the near future, I live in Firhouse Dublin 24 so may advert it at end of summer 2003.

Bye, Gary xxx.

5th Sep 2007, 21:00

Had a bad time with the Tigra as well; it looks like I'm not on my own. I'm on my 2nd one. The first was a 1400 in black; a 1998 car. My missus love them "why oh why". Sold it, got her a Ford Escort 1800 Si, a fine car, but she did not like it... mad.

So last week we found a 1999/2000 V reg 1600 in black. The air con don't work; had it sorted and it worked for 1 day.

It keeps her happy and me skint. The MOT on the 1400 was £650 the first time round. The 2nd time it was £340, and then the head went, a 12 month old cambelt went with the new MOT and no go = new lump £650 (from smashed car). She loved it for 2 weeks and I sold it thinking thank god...

Now I look out my window an see ££££££, but she's happy.

I have a Ford Ka and love it. Get one, not a Tigra.

We need 2 cars. It's a shame they're not 2 Kas.

Look out Tigras = ££££££££ of loss.

22nd Nov 2007, 06:16

www.usedcarexpert.co.uk is a free way to find out the 17 common faults with the 1994-2001 Vauxhall Tigra. Hope this helps people...

And one last thing; my Tigra has water coming from under the dash and soaking the driver's-side carpet. Has anyone had this problem? If so, what caused it and how to fix? Please help :)

14th Jan 2008, 14:46

I have an '05 Tigra. I love it but the lights aren't very good in the dark. I live in rural Norfolk and the country lanes need illuminating. Do you have any ideas?