23rd May 2017, 11:05

Thanks, I have considered it and it will most probably be the car to replace the Vectra when it reaches the end of its life. It's still in very good condition and doesn't feel like an old car; the bodywork and the engine are solid, so will just keep it running for few more years. Cheers!

10th Dec 2018, 11:43

Owner Update.

The car is now on 186k. Recently had the following issues:

Alternator failed.

Brake line leak.

Door handle cable broke.

All issues replaced by my local mechanic.

Cruise control stopped working sometime ago; never bothered to get it fixed. Might get it looked at at the next service/MOT. Overall still happy with the car; I keep looking at new Insignia, but can't justify the cost while the Vectra still works.

11th Dec 2018, 06:31

Keep the car. Your car is proving to be one with good parts and not many dud ones. At that mileage, it's been reliable, and being a fairly modern car, it lacks none of the basics of safety - the body shell is rigid, it's got airbags and ABS plus traction control. It's paid off and owes you nothing. What you spend on reasonable maintenance is still cheaper per year than the depreciation on a much newer car.

11th Dec 2018, 19:30

I agree. It's far more economical to run a car into the ground. Most cars at least. The faults mentioned are wear and tear expected at the mileage. Vauxhalls have a bad rep for being cheap, but that at least means they are usually cheap to fix.

My mate's 2007 Mercedes has just been written off with crazy electronic faults exceeding the value of the car to repair. My 2005 Vectra is still going. Makes you think. Mercedes is no doubt a more refined quality car, but far too expensive to keep in the long run. Ford and Vauxhall make the best old runabouts; cheap to buy and don't cost you a fortune when things go wrong.