5th Jun 2002, 08:19

My Vectra has just done 120,000. I recently had the same problem of erratic idling. I called out the AA and they told me the car was o.k. to drive, but it was almost definitely a faulty idle control valve.

A Vauxhall main dealership wanted c.£160 for the part (plus labour & the usual diagnosis fee). The good news is that I got a new part out of yellow pages for £80, and I discovered that it was very easy to fit- just two bolts on top of the engine. Problem solved.

I do agree, however, that there does seem to be a lot of unreliable sensors etc. that seem expensive to fix and shouldn't have broken on a car such as mine with a full and complete service history!

6th Aug 2002, 18:49

My vectra arcticii is just coming up to 26,000 miles, and I am getting the same erratic

idling after about an hours driving. the revs rise and then drop at the lights.

Now it has started to stall as well, very worrying in a automatic.

4th Sep 2002, 04:39

I have an R reg. Vectra. Two years ago (50k miles) the idle speed became erratic and stalled at junctions and more disconcerting bends, which caused the steering to lock. Vauxhall serviced it and they cleaned out the air intake, which fixed the problem for about one month then it reoccurred. After replacing the air intake valve I have not had any problems for two years. This problem has now started to reoccur (87k miles).

I also have a friend who had an Omega who also had this problem and a Vauxhall service center blamed it on all sorts of things, which cost him a lot of money. Vauxhall then requested a specialist and they fixed the problem, apparently something to do with the cam belt not being tight enough.

Talking to various Vauxhall service centers', this is a common problem.

20th Nov 2002, 17:15

I also had a problem with my car idling badly. When sitting still the car would rev up and down itself or just stick at around 1500 revs, then it would cut out. I spoke to a mechanic who told me to remove the 'idle speed control stepper motor' and clean it out with brake disk cleaner. This then frees up the little plunger inside to help it idle better.

21st Nov 2002, 07:47

My R reg 1997 2.0l Vectra 63000 miles also has the stalling problem when the car slows down. I have just had the cam belt and pulleys replaced, the car fully serviced. The problem which has been occuring for about 6 weeks has just got worse!!! Now like the above post says, my steering has started locking, when it stalls. Surely Vauxhall should recall these cars before someone dies. Twice already I have tried to go around a corner and instead the car has died and I've gone straight ahead!

My Vauxhall dealer wants £270 to fix it!!! I've just paid out £450 for the above work.

26th Nov 2002, 15:54

I bought an R reg Vectra 2.0 LS 6 months ago from a Vauxhall dealer with 49,000 miles on the clock. It had been Network Q'd. Within 2 days I had experienced the above problem twice, so took it back in. The dealer cleaned out the air intakes and said there wasn't a problem. Nothing else happened until about two weeks ago. Now (58,000 miles) I am having this occur every day... as mentioned it is highly dangerous and I may take it back and demand a replacement.

Whatever is causing the problem I don't intend to pay for it having paid over £5,000 from a Network Q dealer.

24th Feb 2003, 07:34

Vectra 1.8 LS - purchased 2 years ago with 48k on the clock, with a new idle control just having been fitted because of stalling, no steering or brakes!!!

2 years on now with 69k on the clock. Yes, you've guessed it, I've just fitted a new ICV at a cost of £153 + diagnosis of £45.

There seems to be no engineering reason why the end cap could not be made removable to allow proper cleaning/repair in lieu of the existing "spun on" design - but then not so many spares would be sold!!!

What a crap system - where are Vauxhall on this?

27th Feb 2003, 15:56

I bought a 1997 Vectra 1.8LS at 18 months old. Immediately (22K miles) I had to replace the "Camshaft timing Sensor" due to a "miss" then the engine light coming on. Recently (60K miles) I have had to replace the same sensor. I am also suffering from the cut outs when the clutch is dipped. It happens for a couple of days then goes away for a few weeks before recurring. Also, there is no constant idle speed. There did not seem to be any of these problems with the old cavalier!

29th Mar 2003, 06:37

Vectra 1.8 Estate R Reg with intermittent stalling. Suspect faulty idle control valve. Garage diagnosis - faulty mass air-flow meter. Cost around £200 to replace. Will this solve the problem or could the diagnosis be wrong?

1st May 2003, 09:47

Looks like I'm just another addition to the long list of people having this stalling problem.

I'm under the impression that the fault lies with the idle control valve, but the 'engineer' at Vauxhall-Church Crookham assures me that it's the camshaft sensor causing it, with a collapsed breather pipe adding to the problem.

Now I'm no vehicle engineer, but a cam shaft sensor causing an engine to stall sounds a bit far fetched. Since he's the 'expert' I've had the work done and am expecting the fault to clear. If it doesn't, I might have a few choice words for him.

Anyone got any tips Air-Con failures?

When I select it, it's anyones guess as to whether it bothers to switch on at the moment.

13th May 2003, 04:49

1997 LS vectra 1.8. I've had the car for 3 years and for the 1st year it was fine (43K), the last 2 years have been one trip to the dealership after another.

I've had all the above problems. The Cam Shaft sensor has been replaced and still the car cuts out when idle and more importantly when going round corners.

This seems to be more of a coincidence that they all have the same problems.

My car is due to go back in this week as the engine management light has started to come on and then go off. I only had a full service done last week (hmmmmmm) strange that it has started happening a few days after Vauxhall have had their hands on it.

The revs continue to go up and down and its safe to say that I have been let down by the reliability of this car.

I will suggest they check the Idle control valve because I think this is the only thing they haven't changed since I've had the car.

26th Jun 2003, 15:33

Vectra 1800LS R reg - I've had this car about a year now, and had the problem with cutting out and irregular tick-over almost immediately. After getting advice, some of it not so good, I decided it must be the idle speed stepper motor. As you know, this is a pricey item, so eventually I contacted Auto Vaux. They gave me a price for the OE part (Siemens) and asked me if my car had had the modification; it hadn't. In later cars, there is a gauze filter that goes in-line between the crankcase breather connection and the camshaft housing. This stops excessive oil vapour contaminating the stepper motor. And the cost of stepper motor and filter - £95. No problems since.