5th Aug 2009, 14:16

I have a 1.8 99 Vectra, which on the engine getting warm causes my revs to go up and down from 1000 to 2000 revs when sitting still. Any answers please?


22nd Jan 2010, 11:11

I have a 98 Vectra 1.8. Only had it a few months and now I seem to have most of the problems above, it sucks.

The main one being it dies at traffic lights, over revs and speeds up for no apparent reason. It cut out a week ago while I was going 50mph on a gear change. The power steering failed and the steering lock came on! FFS, what's Vauxhall planning to do? Wait for someone to DIE before they act?

Not all, but most of these cars are death traps waiting to happen. Seems the problem is unresolved by Vauxhall and most garages. Some manage to rectify the problem, but what worked for one doesn't seem to work for all.

I'm going to scrap my Vectra and get a different car, not selling it on as I would be selling a death trap onto another family, not having any accidents on my conscience for ANY amount of money.

Thanks Vauxhall for the loss... W**kers.

29th Jan 2010, 10:14

I have a V reg Vectri 140 SRi.

Same problems here; revs going up and down when the car is stationary.

Car stalling when foot on clutch to slow down at traffic lights or turning at a junction.

I've done the paperclip test and it's showing the fault 0100, which is the MAF (mass air flow sensor) fault, although the EML came on and went off again.

I have recently had fitted new cam and crank sensors.

19th Feb 2010, 15:07

I have a 2001 2.2 SRi, which has run fine for 2 years, but today 19-02-2010 it started squeaking like the alternator belt was slipping, then suddenly jolted to a halt. Presuming the alternator had packed in and the battery flattened, I got another battery, but still won't start, engine turns over fine, but won't fire up, can anyone assist?

13th Jul 2010, 14:56

I have a P reg 1.8i Auto.

It cuts out when going round corners and roundabouts. You have to heave on the steering wheel to steer, put into neutral, turn ignition off, restart the car and put back into drive! Used both feet to keep it going when it was playing up. It was very intermittent, didn't get round to it until now.

I removed the idle speed control stepper motor and pipes from cam cover. They where very tarry, cleaned all parts with carb cleaner, including inside pipes, cam cover hole and inlet where the butterfly valve is. It seems OK so far, it was so tarry, it had to be that.

It took about an hour. Tools required - carb cleaner, clean rag, cut down toothbrush and screwdriver. I needed a narrow 30 torx bit with 75mm long extension for mine, but don't know if all are the same.

There is a mod with a gauze filter to slow down oil getting in if you get Vauxhall to do it, they charge, but it should be free.

I tried the paper clip trick to do the ECU fault check and it works, didn't show this fault though, only got cam shaft sensor fault.

29th Sep 2010, 01:46

I own an R reg 1.8 Vauxhall Vectra. I've owned it since October 2009 and it drove fine up until about 4 months ago.

The car started cutting out at traffic lights and junctions, (most of the time it was when I was slowing down). Its mileage was 96000, I do have a sub woofer connected, so I thought it was the battery drawing too much power. But it was doing it when the CD player and sub weren't turned on.

It happens for a few weeks then stops, then it will start again. It was only last week when I was driving along and took a left turn at a turning, but just as I turned the car, it cut out leaving me coasting straight ahead as the brakes and steering locked! Luckily there was no other cars coming out of the junction.

I thought it was just an odd problem with my car but after coming across these comments, it's obviously a problem with this particular model. It's a shame as it's a comfortable and tidy car.

29th Nov 2010, 11:18

I have a Vectra 2L auto which is cutting out on me. 25-40 MPH is when it's worse. The steering goes and the brakes and it's very scary. It's left me in some very dangerous situations with my children in the car.

I have already smashed the wing mirror off after it cutting out whilst driving down the bendy mountain roads I have here. I have read hundreds of pages on this problem, it's beyond a joke.

The car has had new sparks and also done the carb cleaner trick, but it's still cutting out on me! What else could it be? I don't fancy going to garages after garages and paying out loads of money for nothing as it seems many people have.

Is there anything else that can be done to get my car back to its normal self?

31st Jan 2012, 17:46

Can you please tell me where the control valve is on a Vectra 1800cc 1997?

30th Sep 2012, 13:04

Tighten up your power steering pump belt.