28th Dec 2005, 09:04

I have owned a Vectra CDX DTI diesel for 2.5 years and have had only 2 problems

1) air con stuck on full when switched on

2) Bushes on rear suspension prematurely worn causing knocking from rear

Apart from these the car has gone very well.

16th Mar 2006, 14:53

I have recently bought a 2000 CDX estate and the car has got 51k on the clock. I have had the air bag light on which has something to do with the wiring loom in the passenger seat, but a trip to my local VX dealer has resolved it at a cost of £49. The car itself is good and so far appart from the airbag no problems. It has just passed its MOT with no problems at all.

The cracking noise that others have mentioned is nothing to do with the windscreen itself, its the plastic air vent in front of the windscreen that expands and contracts depending on the temp that is set in the car, all the vectra's I have been in or owned also do the same.

All in all a nice looking car which can now be picked up for next to nothing. I hope to get a lot more miles out of it!!

6th Jun 2008, 09:11

Well, I own an R reg CDX DTi and Like the first guy, I could easily write a book on the subject of Vectra maintenance or at least, why to get rid after 5 years...

Recurrent problems include:

Sensors failing (Mass air flow, Oil level) at great expense to 'fix'.

Fuel 'drain-back' from the filter, so if the car is left for more than a couple of days it takes about 5 minutes of turning over before starting (to get rid of air in the pipeline).

Premature wearing of bushes and suspension parts (also on my Astra!) which require regular replacement.

Retaining screws for cambelt went through a phase of working lose and falling out. (Luckily I caught these in time before serious problems!)

Engine management light randomly comes on and goes into 'protection mode' so the turbo cuts out and you're stuck doing 30mph on a motorway.

Rust!!! Say no more.

Internal fan now only works if you kick it in the appropriate place, display lights haven't worked for years even though the bulbs and wiring appear to be fine.

Multi cd changer also refuses to work now.

To her credit, she has done just shy of 160k and although a little 'boring' I have enjoyed the drive when she works!

10th Jul 2008, 10:29

Anyone have a fix for 1996 vectra 2.0 cdx display. since putting dash back in, display shows oil lack and '0' range for fuel sometimes show -45. degree outside temp?

Won't reset itself or change.

15th Sep 2008, 06:56

I have just said goodbye to my 1997 Vectra CDX after it was hit head on by a Citroen Saxo full of drunk teenagers. I suffered neck sprain and had to spend the night in hospital. The car did well and I think this is because of the hard shell chassis technology GM pioneered for this car.

30th Dec 2008, 15:01

I have owned my 2000 2.01 CDX estate since Sept 05. Having read the other reviews, there seems to be a pattern and mine is no different.

My Vectra has got 77K on the clock and I have had the following problems:- Cam shaft Sensor, headlight sensor, rear suspension bushes, air bag light (wiring under front passenger seat) headlight seal broken and new lense required.

That said, I do like my Vectra, its still looks good, drives well and I get 41 MPG on a run when not pushing it too hard. It has plenty of room in the boot and is fairly comfortable on long journey's.

At the end of the day the thing is almost 9 years old and would cost next to nothing to buy one nowadays. The odd knock, squeak just adds character!!!

22nd Dec 2009, 06:35

I just bought a Vauxhall Vectra CDX estate 2.2 2000 with no manual, and don't know how to work the traction control. Can anyone help? Thanks.