2000 Vauxhall Vectra CDX 2.0L 16V Petrol from UK and Ireland


Unprintable. Total ****


A huge long list of problems including:

Faults at purchase:

CD/Stereo drained battery flat 3 times.

Windscreen made strange "cracking" noise whilst driving.

Drivers seat squeaks.

Computer reset button on the end of stalk flew out of the window.

Back parcel shelf rattled.

Seat belt light came on.

Various warning messages on computer display.

Ash tray jammed shut.

Steering wheel has a strange rubbing sound when turning corners.

Indicators refused to cancel (almost causing a serious accident).

Faults which have occurred since purchase:

Oil level sensor faulty.

Headlight Sensor faulty.

Camshaft Sensor Faulty.

Driver seat now rattles badly.

Locking wheel nuts seized solid.

General Comments:

I purchased the car from new and it cost me £23,000. The car then spent the next 12 months in and out of the garage at regular intervals (at least once a month).

The faults identified during the 12 months were all "fixed" temporarily (most have re-appeared), however in the vast number of cases, the fixing of the faults resulted in other damage by the dealer to the car. For instance, when the ask tray jammed shut, they freed it up, but managed to mark the trim which sits just in front of it. They promised to replace it, but never did.

When the computer trip button flew out of the window on a nice sunny day, they replaced the stalk, but in the process, snapped the steering cover fixing (the cover now sticks up on the left). Again they promised to fix it, but didn't.

When the CD player drained the battery, at first they simply charged the battery up and claimed they had fixed the problem. When it happened again, they made a modification to the CD player to reduce the drain, however the problem was never resolved entirely.

Recently, I broke down on the M3. Just prior to the car stopping, various computer check lights and messages appeared and then disappeared. The cause was a number of sensors which I was told all went wrong at the same time! Cost of repair was £600.

During it's 3 year life there have been so many faults, I could write a book about it.

I have owned Vauxhall cars since 1978. I will never buy one again. My advice to all those considering the Vectra - Avoid it like the plague.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2003

26th Oct 2003, 11:36

Well...I Feel sorry for you mate, because my 2000 Vectra CD 2.0 16V have been boringly reliable, since I bought in May of 2000.

8th Jan 2005, 04:47

I am suprised at the number of faults you have experienced. I too have a CDX 2.0 and have found it to be a very nice car, a little on the boring side, but ideal for my 170 miles a day drive. I recently had a conversion over to LPG, and now pay around £12 to do 300 miles. I know what you mean about the strange cracking noise, I have this, but I feel it is due to the windscreen being put in incorrectly, as mine had a new screen shortly after I purchased it. The rubbing noise, simply the pump delivering fluid to the rack to give assistance, it's a bit annoying, but does not bother me. My drivers seat is also a little odd, mainly the height adjuster does not lock properly, allowing the seat to move slightly under heavy braking, but again it doesn't bother me. Overall, the important things all work, such as the engine, climate control and such like. I'd give it 8 out of 10.

2000 Vauxhall Vectra SRi 140 Estate 2Litre from UK and Ireland


An enjoyable good fast reliable Estate with low running costs


Low oil warning sensor had to be replaced at 65000.

Traction control sensor light occasionaly comes on after being driven hard along country roads (Dealer has been unable to fix)

Irmsher twin exhaust back box completely blown, complained to Vauxhall given that it not cheap to replace at £310. Vauxhall not interested in helping with the replacement cost. However full marks (110%) to Irmscher in Germany who on contacting them gave me a 100% no-charge replacement.

General Comments:

A car that has been 100% reliable stats first time every time. very good performance and handling. A very good motorway car I have traveled huge distances across Europe (France/Holland/Belgium/Germany/Austria/Italy Italy, some towing with a caravan hall without any trouble. Also a good high speed distance car, cruised 115/120 mph across Germany with ease.

Firm ride, but comfortable, except on bumpy country roads, but then you can't have good road holding and a soft ride.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2003