2000 Vauxhall Vectra LS 2.0 TDI from UK and Ireland


I wouldn't wish this car on my worst enemy


New fuel line.

Air flow sensor

Petrol tank replaced

Excessive oil use

Poorly fitting doors

Air conditioning fault.

General Comments:

This car is without doubt the biggest pile of junk I have ever had the misfortune of driving.

The general build quality is appalling, the car was delivered with numerous rattles, loose plastic and poorly fitting doors and boot.

The general handling is dreadful, the suspension is almost non existent, the car has to be set into any high speed corner, the steering is way too light and the car under-steers at every opportunity.

The brakes appear to have come from a Vauxhall Viva they perform so poorly.

The service from the dealer matches the quality of the car, they have taken six months to diagnose a fault in the fuel tank.

All in all one very badly designed and built car, I can see why its been replaced.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2002

11th Jan 2004, 15:42

Well, I feel sorry for you mate, because My Vauxhall Vectra LS Saloon 2.0 DTi Manual, have been a very reliable car, since I bought, back in July of 2000. I Only had minor faults with Vauxhall. Unfortunately I have too agree in part, with you about the dealer service. In May of 2001 The engine light management, started to went on and went off. I had visit the Vauxhall dealer, that I bought my Vectra here in Manchester and they were unable to fix the damn light, that in june of that same year, stopped to went on and went off all the time. Otherwise it's a brilliant car, and I think that handles pretty well, although the suspension is way to soft, and the car does not feel so sharp as the Crappy 1997 Ford Mondeo LX Saloon 1.8TD, that I have owned previously for three years and it was constant, headache. I think that the Vectra is a very good car and honestly you look like a Jeremy Clarkson wannabe... no offense. Wel, anyway I'm really pleased with my Dark Blue Vectra and I'm looking foward to my next one.

New Vectra, here I come!

2000 Vauxhall Vectra SRi 2.0 from UK and Ireland


A cheap, quick, easy to drive, well specified bargain, but beware the dealers!


The engine began to lose power at around 8000 miles. The fault (I traced as the dealer couldn't find anything wrong?) was a faulty plug lead.

Hand brake leaves more to be desired even after adjustment at service intervals.

Ongoing problems with drivers window mechanism.

Dealers want to replace parts to TRY and solve problems rather than diagnose faults and then replace relevant bits.

General Comments:

The Vectra Sri is a very quick car and handles very well for it's size and overall weight.

Cabin is gloomy, but the equipment specification us pretty high i.e. A.B.S, traction control etc.

The product is good, but overall it is let down by the main dealers. I now use a local specialist and save a fortune.

Seats leave a lot to be desired for so called sports seats i.e. very hard and little support.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2002

13th Apr 2011, 11:08

I have bought a 1996 Vauxhall Vectra B SRI.

The gear box had blown and jammed in fourth gear, but the driver had still managed to drive it home by slipping the clutch, so you can imagine the state that was in. Having been a mechanic most of my life, I bought a second hand gearbox and put a complete new clutch in with a new thrust bearing. The engine also had problems, as the head gasket was leaking, so I stripped the head off and had it skimmed before fitting a new head gasket. I had also ground in the valves as well, and fitted a new cam belt and drive belt. I only bought it to keep my hand in, but when I tried it out, I was amazed at the lightness of the steering and the power this car has.

I personally don't think that the interior is that bad, and it is certainly spacious; having the hatch as well, it can be used for carrying about anything.

As time goes by, new versions do come out, sadly sometimes the manufacturers get it wrong. I have read many complaints about the 2.2 version, which they have now gone back to timing chains. In the past this was always a problem as the chains stretch after awhile, so with a sporty engine and some people who have shoes weighing half a ton by the way, they take off at traffic lights, guess what will happen. Some have had the engine lock up because the timing chain has snapped, so as for my choice, I prefer the older version.

At this time of writing this I have a 1995 Omega X20XEV and a Vectra SRI X20XEV, both superb cars, but I expect that not everybody will share my opinion.