2000 Vauxhall Vectra SXi 1.8 16v from UK and Ireland


Looks better than it goes


Passenger seat has fallen apart no less than three times.

Air conditioning seems to have a life of its own. Sometimes exceptionally cold, other times hotter than the outside air.

General Comments:

Huge alloy wheels with 16 inch tyres are expensive to replace.

Seats are uncomfortable in the extreme and fall apart.

Rear visibility very restricted because of the enormous and pointless spoiler. Have asked the dealer to remove it, they refused.

Crap air conditioning system.

1.8 is OK, but not a patch on my previous 1.8 vtec Honda Integra.

My company gave me this car to stop me leaving so I can't complain too much.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2001

5th Nov 2003, 03:15

I'm not surprised the car's rubbish. You bought an SXi. This is just a cheap knockoff model that vauxhall made for those that couldn't handle a SRi or GSi. Get a real SRi or GSi, and then try complaining. The smile on your face will be so wide you won't be able to talk!

28th Sep 2008, 01:58

It's hardly going to go as well as a vtec Integra! I have an SXi, and it's perfectly fine as a runabout family car, and as it has the updated 125bhp engine, it's not much slower than a 2.0 SRi, and cheaper to run and insure. If you want speed, get a motorbike!

2000 Vauxhall Vectra LS 1.8 16v from UK and Ireland


A fine all round family vehicle


Front wipers stopped on the screen between normal to high speed wipe.

Rear tyres wearing unevenly on the inner edges.

Rear screen misted heavily in damp weather.

When I start the car without touching the throttle the engine idles at 1250 RPM until the throttle is pressed and then RPM drops to normal.

General Comments:

Generally happy with the vehicle and it's an improvement on the previous model.

The condensation problem was traced to a loose rear wiper arm which also happened on my 1996 model and the wiper motor was replaced to solve that problem.

The engine over-rev remains untraced without fault codes showing.

The uneven wear I have traced to the wheel trims not staying secure.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2001

4th Sep 2009, 05:53

The person who said their Vectra runs at a higher R.P.M. when started from cold, needs to know that this happens because the engine is running on cold-start (what we used to call the choke). In other words... it's to warm up the engine!... Quite normal!...

The fact that the engine slows its R.P.M. if and when you touch the throttle is also quite normal... because when you do that, you are "telling the engine management" that you are ready to drive off "now"... Therefore, it disengages the cold-start, so you have normal control over your throttle... When Vectra engines do this (run at higher revs from cold), if you don't touch the throttle at all, you'll find that when it reaches "running temperature",... it will cut off the cold start, and return to normal R.P.M. by itself...

P.S... tyres wearing on one side is caused by either worn-out bushes somewhere, or worn-out wheel-bearings...


2000 Vauxhall Vectra LS 2.0 DI 16v turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Very good!


Only had this car since early 2001, so no problems to report except for a few items I had the Vauxhall dealer look at during its first service. The engine drivebelt which drives the AC compressor, water pump, alternator etc. made slight 'swishing' sounds during damp weather... not loud at all but a modified belt was fitted free. Anyone who has this problem should be able to get the modified belt fitted by Vauxhall.

A couple of rattles that have irritated me have mostly been solved by myself. The worst was a rattling sound from the passenger footwell area which turned out to be the center console rubbing against where it comes up to meet the main dashboard. A few sticky pads solved that.

Occasionally there is a slight clicking or tapping type noise which sounds like it is coming from behind the instrument panel. This comes and goes and often disappears when the car is restarted after being parked a short while.. very odd but does not bother me. Any ideas anyone? Apart from that nothing else, but the bumpers should have a rubbing strip of some sort as they could be very easily damaged and scratched.

General Comments:

Having read various reports about the Vectra, I was not too sure it looked a good proposition, but the Mark 2 model is very impressive in my opinion... much nicer than Ford Mondeos I often use on business. The ride is a little on the firm side, but the steering is responsive and holds its composure well on corners.

The 2 litre 16 valve TD engine is a star, pulls like a train and hardly notices hills and is almost ticking over at 2250 RPM @ 70 MPH.

Currently averaging 47 MPG doing mainly town/country driving and it often surprises Numpties in their GTI's on the road during mid range acceleration! When warm the engine is refined and smooth, but is rather vocal under load when cold.

It looks smart with its colour coded bumpers, see-through headlamps, side skirts and some aftermarket Vauxhall alloys.

The interior is of a high standard with supportive, comfortable seats and the general build quality is excellent. I also have found an excellent Vauxhall dealer... Kirkby Central in Chorley are highly recommended, they are a pleasant change to other garages I have been using in the past.

Overall I am very pleased with it and is definitely underrated and the latest batch of direct-injection diesels are the way forward!

Any comments - rickp@rickp.freeserve.co.uk.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2001

6th Apr 2001, 07:26

You seem to have posted the wrong email Address, can you repost it so I can send you a mail.

7th Apr 2001, 08:59

The address rickp@rickp.freeserve.co.uk above is correct. There should be no fullstop after .co.uk as in my original post. Thanks.

21st Jan 2002, 15:54

Just a quick update:-

The car, now on 24K miles, still consumes about 0.4 litres of oil per 1,000 miles. I would have hoped that by now the oil consumption would have practically stopped. This not a major problem, but fortunately I do keep a regular check of items under the bonnet, tyres etc.

The car is still on the original fit Continental EcoContact tyres with about 60% tread left on the front, and the rears look almost new... very impressive really!

I have had a 'Bromley's' tuning box fitted late last year, which really helps mid-range and 0-60 acceleration, and my average fuel consumption is now 49-51 MPG. The car goes like a rocket with the box in place! (I am NOT a boy racer BTW!) It was a bit pricy, but does give good results and an improvement in fuel economy and driveability. I.e. more torque at lower engine RPM.

In October last year, the battery failed. Bearing in mind the car was about 15 months old, with about 20K on the clock, I was rather disappointed by its sudden and rather early demise. It failed during the day whilst I was at work, and whilst trying to start the car that evening, nothing happened at all, but it was fine that morning. It has been fine with the new battery since then however.

Recently the turbo boost supply pipe, which goes from the turbo to the inlet manifold, came away from the manifold. I believe this is a common fault with this engine. It would be well worth your while checking that the pipe's jubilee clips are secure to both the metal turbocharger pipe and the inlet manifold at the front of the engine.

Asides from these minor niggles, I am still very pleased with the car. Great performance, cost effective to run, looks smart and comfortable. It is also only in insurance group 7, and as I am 23, the insurance is quite reasonable.