2nd Aug 2004, 16:58

I have the Vectra LS 1.8 model. Look very nice. Can be mistaken as a Mercedes Benz or Toyota - in fact I've seen near clones of this car made by Toyota and Audi... maybe it was my eyes.

Generally good handling and quiet. You can almost cannot hear the engine until you rev up to change gears. Sometimes I think it is either too powerful or not powerful enough. The 2nd gear could get me to 25-30 mph before I feel the need to change gears. But sometimes at around 5-10mph the same gear doesn't seem to be powerful enough to accelerate and I need to switch to 1st gear! Also, the stick tends to be quite tight compared to my last car which was a Nissan Almera 1.6. I sometimes switch to 4th gear accidentally when 2nd is the intended one.

Good and nice looking car. But the height of it needs getting used to... also has a high waist for the passenger seats.

24th Apr 2006, 10:18

Another 1.8 LS owner here.

I bought the car nearly new after ditching the company car.

Only my 2nd Vauxhall, but at this rate will not be the last.

The car lulls you into thinking its sluggish until you check the speedo.

Fuel consumption is between 36-39 on my "mixture" work commute which is far better than expected.

There is a nice solid feel to the car and a feeling of calm.

A lot of car for little money.

18th Jul 2006, 10:19

Had my 02 plate Vectra 1.8 LS for 18 months now. While it may not be the fastest car in its group it will literally eat motorway miles in great comfort and with good economy. The cruise control and air con make driving down to Lyon, France an absolute joy. Had faulty steering rack renewed under warranty, although I couldn't tell if anything was wrong, just a light on the dash. Cam belt replaced at recommended interval, otherwise no problems.

22nd May 2008, 14:48

Vectra 2003 at 70.000 miles; clutch and flywheel problems.

24th Sep 2008, 06:36

Has anybody else had clutch problems on a Vectra 1.8 ls 2003? When I put my foot on the clutch pedal there's a nasty rattle/vibration. Foot off stops the noise completely. Had a new clutch plate, thrust bearing, and pressure plate fitted. Cost 360 pounds. The noise still there. Has anyone got any ideas on what is going on... thanks.

29th Jun 2009, 14:37

I've got a 1.9 CDTi Vectra, and my clutch rattles when depressing the clutch pedal. The reason is the dual mass flywheel is on its way out and needs replacing. Yours is a petrol, so don't know if it's got a DMF fitted, symptoms suggest it has; I can't think of anything else that would cause it to rattle.

4th Oct 2010, 10:13

I bought a 1.8 LS 03 with 39000 on clock. The previous owner was disabled and did only 18000 in 5 years. As a result, the clutch is riding high, can it be adjusted? A mate tells me it'll be pneumatic and so can't be adjusted. Is this true, and if so how will it reset itself? If not what sort of money will it cost me to fix?


14th Aug 2011, 15:11

I agree, the car is nice and comfortable. I have noticed a problem with the gears. It's like they have a mind of their own. It seems a slow car at times. I have popped the clutch a few times, and there have been no reactions to the speed.