9th Apr 2004, 15:38

I have also recently acquired a 2.0T SRi Edition 100. Bought to replace my (new shape) Mondeo I'm extremely impressed so far. The quality of construction seems first rate and the engine performance is awesome mated with the close ratio six speed box. Like the previous reviewer I'm also highly impressed with the appearance of the Edition - it looks mean yet still a quality product.

I'm doing 95% motorway driving, but only averaging 32 mpg according to the on board computer. With a 173 bhp turbo engine you can't have it both ways I suppose.

23rd Apr 2004, 13:33

I picked up my 100 edition turbo 2 weeks ago, apart from a intermittent problem with the boot release, the car is very good.

Previous car was a V6 omega, an ideal motorway cruiser - having said this the Vectra offers the best of both worlds; a semi sports car with the motorway cruising ability.

8th Mar 2005, 15:38

I have had my edition 100 for a year now with very little trouble other than a notchy gearbox when cold. If this had been a Ford the press would have praised it as brilliant value for the power. But it isn't so finding reviews is almost impossible. This has got to be one of the best value cars around with exceptional performance and comfort.

It has to be a future classic.

17th Apr 2009, 23:45

I have had my Vecra SRI 100 edition now for almost 6 months and its such a nice car. I had a Vectra B previously and it's a vast improvement, the engine is quiet and has a nice throaty sound when you put your foot down.

The drive itself is very smooth, the interior is lovely and comfortable and the body kit does the car justice.

There were only 500 of these cars ever made and I am the proud owner of one of them, What a Car!

19th Oct 2009, 15:48

I have had my Vectra 100 Edition for nearly a year now, and I still love getting in it and blasting up the road... car feels very solid and handles very well.. looking to do a few engine mods get the bhp up. Any help with that would be good, but all in all, an excellent car, a lot better than the GSi before that.

18th Nov 2009, 14:52

I have a 53 LTD100 and absolutely love the car, it's my 8th Vectra, and it's now done 96000 with myself covering 80000 of those miles in 3 years (really)...

Like many owners of this car, I still love getting in it and driving the thing, I don't mean tootling down the shops, I mean getting in it and DRIVING it as it should be, I have had V6's, diesel turbo's all makes of SRI's and other turbos, but the torque and acceleration of this car are fantastic for a baby turbo and on a family saloon.

I normally do a few mods on my cars, but I've not touched this since I've had it apart from some serious ICE, and the only problem is I've got no idea what car to replace it with when I do come to change my car, cos I can't afford a VXR8 just yet LOL.

11th Jan 2011, 13:57

I have an 04 plate Vectra edition 100 2 liter turbo. Not many around. The pictures I have seen of others on the internet, don't have back side and rear tinted windows. Or no one comments about the DVD player in the back and the 2 TV screens in the rear of the front head rests; is this just mine that has this? And how many of these cars have been made?

1st Apr 2011, 17:31

Hi, just wondering if you bought it from Halifax and if it has full leathers?

31st Jan 2012, 22:46

Hi, I've got a 2004 t100. I'm getting 37.5 around town and 41.7 miles to gallon on the motorway. Give it a good service, including put a bottle of Forte cleaner in your tank, and see the results.

26th Mar 2013, 05:15

No, this Vectra was bought off my boss, so it's only had two owners from new, and was not bought from Halifax. It is up for sale though; had to buy a Zafira for my ever growing family. Not happy about letting it go; such a great car.

9th Jul 2016, 11:22

I have had one from new in 2004 and loved it. Very reliable, solid build and fun to drive with the 170 motor. We have gone through a fair number of springs, but it would seem that most cars suffer from this these days. Now with 150,000 miles on the clock it still drives as good as ever. Sadly it is time for us to change it and I am sure that we will miss it.

26th Dec 2016, 13:00

What is the engine code of a Vectra C 2.0t edition 100? Like a z... what? And has anybody fitted one of these engines into something else like Nova or Corsa etc? Can it be done? Thanks.

14th May 2017, 10:34

Z20net 2.0 Turbo

8th Sep 2018, 23:10

I have had my Edition 100 for 6 years now, it had 66000 when I got it. It's now showing 124000 and has been a superb car to own. It will be a sad day when it stops running!

1st Jul 2019, 22:05

I have a 2004 SRi 100 Limited Edition Turbo with 100,000 miles. It still drives like new; is this rare, genuine low mileage, Vauxhall Vectra turbo?

2nd Jul 2019, 19:20

Yes the 100 edition SRi is pretty rare. Not worth much just now though; I'd hang on to it for a few years and its value may rise if you take care of it.

5th Aug 2019, 20:08

Thank you for the reply. For my low mileage SRi Limited Edition 100 turbo, what is the current value of this car, with a year's less service history, but in very good condition?

6th Aug 2019, 17:07

Hard to say. Not many for sale to compare, though one was recently sold on the carandclassic website, but cannot see a list price. Generally late 90s and early 00s Vectra SRi's with low mileage and mint condition seem to be anywhere in the £2000 - £3000 range. A Vauxhall enthusiast may pay a bit more as the 100 edition is more rare than the standard SRi and V6s. I'd keep it for a little while longer and enjoy it :)

24th Nov 2019, 23:06

I have not serviced my car for nearly three years. It burns no oil, runs like dream, no smoke. What's the longest anybody else has not serviced an SRi turbo? It's also only done 5500 miles, in the 3 years. It's only got an original 101000 miles, previously serviced at 94500, the car is used to and from work, 3 days week, only does 2000 miles a year, is serviced every 2 years or 20000 miles. A mechanic said I'm not doing the yearly mileage, to worry about a full service. What does anybody think?

25th Nov 2019, 09:57

I'd give it a service if you intend to keep the car any longer; age can affect oil, not just mileage, despite what your mechanic says.

25th Nov 2019, 22:15

Thank you for the servicing reply. I intend having the car MOTed in April, and will see if it's worth keeping 1 year at the time, but will give it an oil change, oil filter, and air filter soon.