5th Sep 2001, 14:05

I have recently purchased a second hand Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Club (W-reg). This was a private transaction.

After driving the vehicle home I noticed that there was a tinny whining noise coming from the engine bay! The whining noise remained all the time the engine was running. On turning the engine off, the whinning noise did not stop suddenly, but took a couple of seconds to slow down and stop (after the engine was turned off). The noise seems to be coming from the back (top) of the engine around the area where the petrol pump/carb/fuel injection system is located.

Has anyone experienced this problem and do they know what it might be??

Besides this annoying problem, it does seem great. But I have found the 1.6 to be slightly sluggish and underpowered - compared to my Vectra 1.8 LS. The 1.8 Zafira would most definitely be the wiser choice.

23rd Sep 2001, 12:26

I have a 1.8i (from new). Generally pretty pleased, but had to have the rear brake callipers done after 13 months. Carried out by the dealer free of charge. The only other nagging problem is that the glove box sometimes likes to drop open.

In the main, a good car.

15th Oct 2001, 05:28

In response to the W registration 1.6 Zafira dated 5.9.01 the noise sound very much like the hydro electric steering pump. Although normally inaudible during driving it can be heard winding down when the engine is switched off. If you think it unduly loud just get your dealer to have a listen.

On most Vauxhalls I have driven this is a norm and loudness depends on levels of sound insulations. I hope this helps. One other thing I would agree on is the size of engine. The 1.8 is definitely the one to go for with no real sacrifice in fuel consumption.

27th Oct 2001, 06:26

I am looking at getting the Zafira diesel, has anyone had any real problems with it, what's it like on acceleration? Will it fit two large dogs in the back?? Does anyone have sat nav for this car as I am looking at getting it?

17th May 2002, 18:59

My Zafira has a constant droning sound which reduces when the brakes are applied - or the handbrake is pulled up slightly. My garage have been unable to fix it - is it a design fault? The noise is tiring when going on a long journey.

10th Jun 2002, 04:05

Does anyone have any problems with the Zafira diesel burning oil excessively?

Mine has gone through 2 sump fulls before it's first service. The local dealer considers this acceptable?

I do not. What is your experience?

23rd Jul 2002, 09:45

I have owned my (ex-demonstrator) Zafira since September 1999. On several occasions I have experienced complete loss of engine power during long motorway journeys. Engine power loss lasts for only 10 or 20 seconds, before the engine stutters back into life. There have been no problems on extended urban trips. The vehicle has been back to the dealers three times. Dealer has "re-set the weak mixture flag (twice) " and "re-burnt the ECU software" and "cleaned the throttle body", but the issue persists. Immediately after experiencing the engine power loss, I have noticed a very significant inrush of air into the fuel tank, as the filler cap is released - suggesting a large vacuum being formed in the fuel tank. Is it possible that the tank is not being properly vented?? I would love to hear from anybody with similar experiences.

5th Aug 2002, 06:10

Our Zafira Comfort 1.8 Auto is now just over 18 months old and has given us excellent service, economy and comfort. It has just had its first fault - the radio/temp/clock display has gone off completely. The dealer needs 3 hours just to assess the problem as he has to remove all the clocks, dash, etc.

The roof antenna is too long to go under a garage door, so it now resides in the glove box.

The tailgate is too big. A better solution would be to have a lower section as well, then the shopping wouldn't fall out.

The heater demister seems poor and doesn't clear the screen quickly.

Wing mirrors which fold in by a switch would be useful.

Otherwise very pleased with it.

22nd Oct 2002, 05:53

My Zafira started to develop a "rattle" on its first birthday. The noise is coming from the dash area around the glove box.

31st Oct 2002, 11:47

I bought a second hand 1.8l elegance in March this year, with 6 months warranty, which is now over. Firstly I'd like to say that the car itself I'm really pleased with, it's great for all purposes and I have managed 600+kms on one tank. The only thing I don't like is the cost of repairs, as I found out yesterday, after I heard a whining noise coming from the engine bay, when I took it to the garage, I was told that there was a leak in the steering pump, and that the alternator needs changed. A total of some 2000+€ which I found very steep, however the dealer is looking into doing it under warranty... watch this space...

14th Dec 2002, 11:57

Reg T 1999, I purchased my Zafira in June 2002 and had to have the rear brake callipers done after 5 months. Possible catalytic converter too.

9th Jun 2003, 09:44

I have also experienced power loss on long motorway journeys in our 1.6 1999 Zafira. The apparent cause is a blockage in the carbon canister of the fuel vent. The French Opel garage we used drilled a small hole in the petrol cap - not legal due to benzene emissions, but works fine. The canister was replaced under warranty, but a recent intermittent recurrence of this problem elicited a lukewarm response from the local dealer who could 'find nothing wrong on the computer'. Loss of power in the overtaking lane of a busy motorway is very worrying.

17th Feb 2004, 07:19

I have had my Zafira Comfort for four years - well the first one was stolen within the warranty period, so it is really two Zafiras. I generally agree with all the positive comments, and seem to have escaped most of the negative ones, after 70,000 trouble free miles. I do use a bit more oil than usual, maybe a litre or so between services, no more. However, the car is now off the road, following a failure of the timing belt - this is expensive because the dealer then has to take off the cylinder head to check that there is no further damage so I'm crossing my fingers. According to the repair guy, it is a good idea to replace the belt routinely every 50,000 miles or so - what do other people think? Rob Scotland.

30th Oct 2017, 18:24

Had the same problem with my Zafira; it scares you to death on the motorway. Was backwards and forward to Vauxhall like a yoyo, wouldn't do it when they had it, but finally we got an answer; EGR valve. Hope this helps.

30th Oct 2017, 21:39

This is 12 years too late as a comment, but yes, many European cars of this vintage need cambelts changed at about 80-100K km, not 120K km as per the manual.