26th Mar 2007, 06:00

'adding a few sensible mods like a dump, exhaust etc.'

A dump valve, a sensible addition to a Zafira...LOL, now I've heard it all. They sound great on an Impreza or Evo, but stupid on almost everything else.

23rd Apr 2007, 14:16

Dump valve sounds silly on a Zafira?

It's a turbo isn't it?

Still turns heads and gets more smiles than looking at a Evo etc, plus mine beats most of them now as well. :) :)

How about a lightened flywheel, stronger clutch, bigger turbo, bigger injectors, bigger air flow meter, bigger exhaust, bigger intercooler, bigger air piping, bigger air filter, bigger brakes, and bigger 19inch wheels and much MUCH BIGGER smiles on all 7 faces chasing anything under 275bhp.

However that said bigger fuel bills too like around 20mpg :(

But well worth it. 45000 miles, FSH, and all for change under £11k.

I, like most other gsi zafira owners (dads) needed a large family car that ticked all the right boxes and don't regret it for one moment.

Although that said, the only other car that I wanted was an Audi RS4, but that was still £6000 over what I had or I've spent.

I'd recommend paying less for a high miler, and playing with it IF AND WHEN IT GOES WRONG, rather than paying the right money for one with low miles.

I'd always get a standard one and play with it myself rather than one that has been messed with already.

But that's just me; most people are happy with the basic 192bhp.

I'd much rather pay £1000 less for a car without history if it looks, feels and sounds right.

Bomb proof Vauxhall engine if looked after.

Great drive, great looks, great all rounder.

Thinking about getting a Zafira VXR soon YUMMY!


24th Apr 2007, 04:05

Yea it all sounds good, but in what is effectively a transit van?? What about the bus aerodynamics? What about the weight? Must be nearly 2 tons. You'd have to spend quite a bit to get it to match a standard cossie or the sort.

2nd Sep 2010, 16:58

I'd agree, but it's not a Cossie is it! If I wanted a Cossie, then I would have got one! Hey, the reason why Cossies have low mileage on them is because the owners have to spend more time fixing them than driving them! And believe me, I love Cossies!

Basically, if you're after a 7 seater that will give you fun all year round, then buy a Zaf GSI! I've got a stage one re-map and replacement precat, and I've annoyed to say the least cars with a much faster reputation e.g. r32s! And when I'm done having a go down the motorway, I can take my children out for the day and be comfortable.

Also I usually get 350 miles to a full tank, and that's when I'm having a play included!

In my opinion, if you want a true legend, and to spend 9 months out of 12 fixing the thing, then buy something with a YB lump in it!

If you want something that looks good and is a good all round performer, then buy a GSI! You won't be disappointed.

23rd Nov 2011, 19:47

You're right, it's no Cossie, but a Cossie doesn't have 7 seats. If you've never driven a GSi, try one. I've had mine a few years; I'm selling it now, only to replace it with its bigger brother, the VXR. I love the GSi and VXR. No 7 seater comes close. Try one.