31st May 2005, 17:39

Re the INSP light - put the key in the ignition, press down the taco reset button and hold it down, now turn on the ignition. after some 30 seconds or so, the light will reset and not trouble you for another 20k/12 months...

28th Jun 2005, 07:26

Do You Mean the trip meter reset? I assume you do, Will give it a try...

Still seems to be going well, coming up to 6000 miles - lost the n/s/f wheel trim recently - looking at other Zafira's on the road,this seems to be common!

By 6000 miles my previous Mondeo had been in the garage several times.

8th Nov 2005, 10:28

Now up to 11500 miles - had to go to the garage last week as the windscreen washers only worked now & again - I think they removed the filter from the hose in the tank. This is a common Vauxhall prob I had it with an early vectra.

Otherwise it is still going really well. I want to remove the pollen filter some time as there is a CHRONIC window misting problem which means the air conditioner needs to be on nearly all the time. Again, I resolved the same problem in the same way with my old vectra.

Has anyone else noticed with one of these, that as you accelerate, the headlights dim during the upward gear change?

It seems to be mostly when it is cold, but it is very noticeable even to passengers who do not drive. I guess no vauxhall dealer on earth will ever get to the bottom of that one!!!

27th Jan 2006, 03:40

From original poster:

Took the Zafira diesel for 1st service the other day at 14500 miles as it is now a year old.

No probs, needed windscreen wipers at my request.

Otherwise all going well.

By the time my 2001 mondeo diesel was a year old I had lost count of the visits to the garage.

Will report if it EVER GOES WRONG.

3rd Feb 2006, 15:48

I have just committed to buy a 2005 1.6life after a test drive. i'll pick it up in a couple of weeks. it's surprisingly nippy for a 1.6 on a bigger car. thanks for your comments. i'll let you know how I go with it.

21st Feb 2006, 07:41

New Zafira _ SPEARE WHEEL STOLEN come on VAUXHALL how much would a lock cost?

19th Dec 2006, 07:28

Hi, original poster here, Zaffy now done 27000 miles - refuses to go wrong. Never managed to get the pollen filter out, must do that.

About the spare wheel theft, mine is a company car and my company has fitted to all Zafiras an anti theft thing that has a bolt inside the boot floor - you get a yellow plastic socket to un do it with. Must be effective as never had wheel nicked. I do not have alloy wheels, does this make a difference I wonder? Although presumably with alloys the spare will not be an alloy. Maybe the thieves are too thick to realize this.

At the moment there is no other car I would rather have what with family etc.

15th Aug 2007, 13:33

Onto number 2 Zafira. My first one was an X reg 1600 Comfort; no bother apart from an EGR valve for 40 quid on ebay, and a new back box for 50 quid. Not bad as I had the car for 3 years.

Now I have a Elegance turbo diesel on a 53 plate, and must admit it's like **** off a stick, and I love it.

2nd Sep 2007, 12:39

Regarding the spare wheel theft.

I, m just waiting for a delivery of the ELITE (£22K) and guess what.

They don, t fit spare wheels anymore, but give you a free air compressor and a bottle of gunge to squirt in the tyre.

22nd Nov 2007, 14:48

I am thinking of getting the Vauxhall Zafira Design. What do other Design drivers say, what should I do? The comments that I have read have put me off going a head with it.


23rd Nov 2007, 11:00

Has there been any comments to my request for information on the Vauxhall Design


14th Apr 2008, 09:42

Original poster here: Zaffy has now done 47000 miles. She had a problem with cold mornings back in the winter, and needed some glow plugs. As usual there was no drama; new glow plugs at the service and she was away. Otherwise, still no problems to speak of.

Today it went to the repairers to have a small dent repaired where some one clonked it in a car park.

I have a Mondeo for the week. 8500 miles on the clock and it is horrible. Reminds me how much I hated the one I had.

14th Jul 2008, 18:31

I've got a 2007 Zafira SRI 1.8 petrol, and it is brilliant. Really like it, and it has tons of space for ferrying the kids and all their tackle about. This is the third Zafira I've had - a W plate 1.8 Comfort, and a 04 plate Design precede it - but the new design is miles better than the old one, on everything from ride comfort to quality of fit out.

Thankfully. I've never had a spare wheel stolen from any of my Zaffies! Is this a record!


20th Nov 2008, 03:15

We loved our Zafira, but after having one spare wheel stolen, forking out £40 on a dealer fitted lock and then that one being stolen we wouldn't touch them. Vauxhall response was simply they couldn't help and cannot stop the spare being stolen.

12th Mar 2009, 06:02

Hi, original poster here again.

Well, the green Zaffy came to the end of its lease at 54000 miles and had to go back. I am really impressed with this car, as really, nothing went wrong with it apart form service items and glow plugs. My company have now changed to Fords sadly, so I have opted out and supply my own car. It is a 2004 Zafira Energy diesel. It was my late father's who bought it used two years ago. It has done 38000 miles and is a beauty with alloy wheels. Dad looked after it meticulously.

Never have had probs with spare wheel theft, and do not live in THAT nice an area.

2nd Dec 2009, 17:13

Have a Vauxhall Zafira, bought 30/06/05. It's a 2.0DTI, which has full service history and 2 oil changes per year, brilliant car to drive and so proud of it, until it wouldn't start. Took it to a garage and it transpires it needs injector pump at a fitted cost of £2500. This car has 53000 miles and started 1ST time every time, with no indication of anything wrong. Needless to say because of its age, I have to fork out said amount or have a £20000 car become worthless. To anyone thinking of buying one, please be aware.