1967 Volkswagen Beetle 1.2 from North America


A toy only, not to be trusted for transportation!


Clutch needed replacing, but it was a rare factory 1200 engine (supposed to be a 1500) and I had to have a special flywheel machined.

One day the alternator belt broke, and whipped into the gas line and broke it, spraying the engine compartment with gas and it burst into flames.

When you turn on the "heater" in one of these, you get air sent in from the engine compartment along with exhaust gas, fuel fumes etc. Better to just put on a big jacket and stay conscious and alive.

Went for a long trip once, and about 200 miles into it one of the pushrods lost a tip and I had to return home and repair it. I never attempted that again.

General Comments:

This was a fun car to drive, but was utterly gutless and was in general a complete piece of crap.

A toy really, for young guys to tinker around with. Not for transportation needs.

Absolutely the worst car I've EVER had bar none. Complete and utter CRAP!

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Review Date: 25th December, 2009

26th Dec 2009, 18:40

My first car was a 1967 Beetle and I couldn't disagree with you more.

It was a fantastic little car, and I would own one today if I could.

28th May 2010, 14:21

I drove a 1967 beetle from Alaska to Tennessee, it has over 200,000 miles, and I'm still driving it. I think that would be considered transportation.

1967 Volkswagen Beetle 111 Sedan 1.5 liter from North America


I wish they still sold these little gems


Generator belt broke.

General Comments:

Although I only owned my 1967 Beetle for a few months. The Beetle was my first car and my first of 10 Volkswagens I have owned thus far.

I purchased this shiny black Beetle with a red interior for $950 from the local Dodge dealer, shortly after my 16th birthday.

The little Beetle was in nearly new condition. It was equipped with an AM radio and little else. My Beetle had a 4 speed manual transmission. It had no fresh air vents, and no carpeting (the floor was covered with a rubber mat).

The 1967 Beetle was a transition model for Volkswagen. They still used the old-style bumpers, but they were now equipped with 12 volt electrics. Thus the headlights weren't cover with those glass globes like the 6 volt models.

I think the '67 Beetle is one of the most desirable models, due to the classic "Bug" styling and 12 volt system.

The Beetle was certainly no hot-rod, but this is probably a good thing for a 16 year-old kid. It really wasn't built for high speeds. As a matter of fact this Bug experienced axle hop at speeds over 75 mph.

The Beetle wasn't the best handling car in the world either. I remember one instance (driving on a wet road) when I took at left turn to head south, and ended up facing north as the Beetle spun out.

This was the one and only incident that I had with my Beetle, as from there on I respected the fact that the engine was behind me.

What the Bug was was fun to drive, economical, inexpensive to maintain, and extremely reliable.

The only passion that it needed work, was one evening as I was driving some of my friends home, the little green generator light came on. I drove about a half a mile before it dawned on me that I'd better check the generator belt. Sure enough, it had broken, and by the side of the road my friends and I replaced the belt with the spare I kept in the trunk. (I was very thankful there was a spare!) Other than that, nothing broke or required repair in the short time that I owned it.

I guess I gave in to peer pressure and ended up trading my Beetle for a '69 Chevelle Malibu. Even 32 years later, I regret doing so. However I have owned two other Beetles, and a total of 10 VWs since.

My current VW (a Cabriolet) is also black and shiny, so in a way I've come full circle. This one came with carpeting however!

In summary although the 1967 VW Beetle was basic transportation it was also a great little car.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2004

27th May 2009, 16:47

I still wish they still made the old Beetles!