1971 Volkswagen Beetle standard saloon 1.6 from UK and Ireland


If you don't already own a old bug, you should get one


New petrol tank, due to a bodged old replacment one, thanks to west mid fire service> LOL

New cables on pedal cluster.

New regulator.

General Comments:

The work above I have carryed out myself with no mechanical knowledge at all. All easy to fix and parts easy to find and relatively cheap.

More than just a car, too many it becomes a way of life.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2005

1971 Volkswagen Beetle Super 1.6 4 cylinder from North America


Never Again..


I bought this car with the idea that it would be a reliable and economical winter car. It was neither.

This was the 4th VW that I owned, and it was destined to be the last. The worst things about the car was the heater basically didn't work. The heat exchangers would rust out every few years, making replacement a necessity if you wanted heat. The engine was woefully underpowered, making any passing situation a real adrenaline rush. The car had several annoying minor problems. But the topper was the this: while driving down the NYS thru-way, the engine blew. Just going the speed limit and not doing anything crazy, a valve broke which basically destroyed the motor...

General Comments:

Strictly a warm weather car. These things do not fare well in cold weather.

Although replacement parts were cheap at the time, be ready to make regular trips to the parts store.

Mileage was reasonable, but nothing to write home about. There are much more economical cars that have better performance.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2005

2nd Oct 2005, 14:05

This review is almost ludicrous.

Beetles didn't have a true heater, so heat exchangers needed to be replaced.

As far for the car being underpowered - it's a Beetle! Get serious!

Lastly, VW Beetle engines are low maintenance, but the valves MUST be adjusted every so often to prevent the engine sucking a valve, which would, as stated "destroy the engine."

1971 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible 1.6 from North America


My beautiful air-cooled wonder!


The gas gage never worked.

Wind-shield wipers didn't work.

Brake drums made a growly sound when I lightly hit the brake.

Engine overheated and cracked, and I had to install a new one.

Had to slow down to zero to re-engage first gear.

Very VERY noisy.

Door jambed.

Very small and delicate components.

Couldn't go up hills at all.

Difficult to start if it had been running in the freeway.

Choke valve would occasionally stick.

General Comments:

Yes, lots of things have gone wrong, and yes I gave it poor ratings in all categories, but it is still one of the best cars I've ever owned!

My dad and I replaced a busted engine by ourselves in two days... and all with tools in our garage.

It is very simplified and practical. When it breaks down, I know exactly where to go to fix it in a few minutes.

I recommend you buy a book called "How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive." Very fun to read and makes anyone into a mechanic.

Its best to have a second car, if possible, to drive you around when the beetle breaks down. You don't want any negative vibes to come between you and your bug.

If my car ever breaks down in the desert in the middle of nowhere, I just hope it's a bug.

Don't drive with the oil light on!!

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Review Date: 11th March, 2004

11th Apr 2008, 08:52

Hi, Guys!

I just purchased a 1971 VW beetle convertible from a family whom specialized in old cars and VWs. This was, in fact, the wife's personal car.

My first attempt to get it home was awful. Every 15 miles it would sputter and die. It was towed back to Point A (boyfriend driving).

My sister's husband got it started. He said the pin was about to come out of the carburetor. She drove it 60 miles and around town with no issue. Highway miles were driven at 65 mph.

On my second attempt (boyfriend driving) the poor bug sputtered again and died, acting like it didn't even want to go into 2nd gear. Finally, driving through town with a fog (like we were spraying for mosquitoes), we entered the highway. My boyfriend got it up to 65; and then came the hills. After the first hill, the car would only go 40-45 for the next 130 miles. Finally, I got in and drove. Same issue. 2 miles from home, I heard a sound like cats moving furniture in the back. Parts started flying and the car smoked and died.

Can you tell me what might be wrong (aside from a boyfriend who apparently can't drive sick!)?

Also, I haven't a clue who works on VWs in Central/Western Kansas. I really want to get it up and running before Memorial Weekend. Thanks for your help!