1971 Volkswagen Beetle Super Beetle 1.6 Liter Flat 4 from North America


One of the best cars in the world!


I haven't had to do anything major to my Volkswagen.

The gas mileage goes down to about 15 miles per gallon in the winter, but jumps to well over 20 miles per gallon in the summer.

Just make sure to change the oil and adjust the valves every 3,000 miles, and it will provide you with years of great performance.

General Comments:

My Super Beetle is fun and easy to work on. Almost anyone can work on one on these. Parts are very available and inexpensive.

It's pretty fast for a little 4 cylinder and it has a sporty suspension to it. This car runs and looks great for being 30 years old. It's a real attention getter!

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2001

10th Aug 2009, 13:58

I have recently found the video in Youtube channel, about a VW Beetle 1302S (same as your Super Beetle) recording 165km/h! indicated on Austrian Autobahn.

Discounting the speedometer error, she would record 150-155km/h as real speed, it's almost miraculous for mere a 50ps 1584cc motor. In fact, she's as fast as the likes of Ford Cortina 1600 (1593cc/72ps) and Renault 12TS (1289cc/60ps)!

Such mechanical efficiency is the very asset of whole Volkswagen products. I know an example of 1300 Beetle yielding just 40ps being able to reach 147km/h (91mph) in spite of manufacturer data of 120km/h, with small modifications little more than adding an oil-cooler!

By the way, your Super Beetle has front suspensions totally different from those of original 1200/1300/1500 lines. Namely front suspensions of yours are McPherson strut coil, while original series of Beetle uses torsionbar coil.

I prefer the one with torsionbar to McPherson-using version (1302/1303 series),for somewhat tricky but thrilling cornering attitude is more attractive to me than 1302/1303's mundane and unsubtle feeling.

I also respect whole Beetles' common virtue, the formidable tractability on snowy roads, where conventional cars easily slip.

1971 Volkswagen Beetle 4 cylinder from North America

General Comments:

Wiper washer pressure is from your spare tire, connected by a hose (use your wiper washer a lot & will have no air in spare tire).

Loud engine & road noise inside.

Air cooled engine.

Heater is a joke.

0-60mph is probably 15+ seconds.

They all leak oil straight from factory.

Built like a small tank.

Lots of room in front trunk.

To pull engine - have to lift back-end 3 feet off ground & lower engine down. Very basic engine to work on. Easy to find aftermarket parts for.

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Review Date: 10th November, 1998