1973 Volkswagen Beetle 1.6 from North America


Great car


Run fine until one day it just wouldn’t crank or start, and all of a sudden the headlights stopped working too. Can’t find anything wrong with it, no wires or anything, so I am stumped and I’m a professional mechanic.

Door seals leak, but I just spray them with silicone and it fixes it.

The latch to open the front boot on it broke, and since it’s a Super Beetle you can’t get into it from the bottom, so had to cut the latch off to get in.

General Comments:

Was always my dream car growing up and was finally glad to get one. Very comfortable too for me anyway. Nice and loud when it runs. I keep it all stock because that’s how I like it.

Lots of fun to drive though, and since I am a mechanic I can fix it easily for most things.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2020

18th Oct 2020, 03:03

Interesting electrical problem.

Do any of the other electrical components work?

Radio? Heater? Tail lights? Running lights? Fuel gauge?

18th Oct 2020, 13:55

Sounds like a lemon. Someone jerry rigged it so it would appear it’s working, then it blew up within 1000 miles. I’d consider legal action against whoever sold this to you.

18th Oct 2020, 19:13

While I don't presume to offer advice to a mechanic, and I have zero experience of Beetles; both times that I have had that electrical problem (once in a Lada, once in a Mini 1000) it was caused by the wiper motor having a fault and killing the battery in under an hour. Solution was changing the wiper motor, all the cabling on that circuit and the possibly-damaged battery. Good luck.

19th Oct 2020, 17:24

Pull the back seat. See if a cable is possibly loose. Clean all the cables and connections with a wire brush. Horrible place for a battery. I had a Corvette that the battery filled the cabin with acrid battery smoke when a starter stuck once.

1973 Volkswagen Beetle Super 1.6 dual port from North America


Stress relief on 4 wheels


Broken clutch disk/2x.

This car was not meant to handle the kind of abuse I put it through. Luckily, one man with basic tools can completely remove and re-install an engine alone.

Developed vapor lock; I installed a different tank under the hook and it was fixed.

For being a rear wheel drive car, this thing was an awesome hill climber. To clean the floor, I simply would drive off of the edge of the spillway & fill the car with water, then let it all run out.

I owned two "bugs"; this one and a '71, both were equally fun. I could go on all day about these fantastic, affordable, fun to drive little cars, but this is enough.

General Comments:

Rusted a little early, didn't hinder any of the fun. I paid a whopping $240.00 for the '73. The '71, I believe I traded a motorcycle for it. If talking about the good old days, this should be included.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2010

1973 Volkswagen Beetle super beetle 1.6 from North America


A great, fun car


Odometer stopped working even when repaired once and replaced another time.

Engine overhauled by a non-dealer repair shop.

Clutch cable broke.

Generator and starter replaced.

Suffered from serious front frame rust.

Heat exchanger cables froze up.

General Comments:

The car was a family hand me down since my father bought it new for $2500.00. It was handed down to me unfortunately when all of the repairs were needed.

Fun car to drive- slow, but it feel like you were driving faster than you were going. The winter time was challenging because of a poor heater and the windows would ice up inside requiring that you pull off the road and scrape the windows again. But these cars had excellent traction in the days of few SUV, s and 4x4 trucks.

This car ended up being T-boned by a 18 wheeler at an intersection and the front axle broke because of years of salt and rust. I eventually sold it for parts.

This car will always have a special memory for me.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2008

4th Mar 2008, 20:18

Hi, I'm considering buying a Super Beetle. Are they a good car?

How much MPG or Litres per KM do they use of petrol?

I would like real answers not bias.

I really love these cars, but need to know any cons?

Even just post a comment to show interest in beetles?

I'm a newbie. Is there a big difference in 72 or 73 models to justify paying more for purchase price?