2014 Volkswagen Beetle 2.5L from North America


Fun car, good looking and sporty



General Comments:

Saw it on an Internet site and fell in love with it (never wanted a VW before in my 48 years of driving). It had all what I wanted in a car and much more (panoramic top, keyless entry, push button start, radio/phone controls on the steering...).

Went to see it at dealership, took it for a drive with my wife and that was it!

It handles like a sports car. This engine has a lot of pick-up and go, and the transmission shifts so smoothly and quickly it's almost perfect; and especially compared to my 2014 Jeep Cherokee with the 9 speed transmission (what a disaster).

I couldn't believe it, but the other drivers also seem to like it, because they let you slip in when you're in heavy traffic or on a 4 corner stop. Some people just wave and smile like the car was a star.

This is my 44th car and I haven't had so much fun since I had my P1800S Sport Volvo in 1969.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2015

29th Nov 2015, 04:02

Gotta ask... what was up with the Jeep 9-speed?

29th Nov 2015, 17:18

I think this reviewer also wrote an entry for the Jeep mentioned here, with the summary "Looks good, but that's about it".

31st Mar 2016, 16:05

Hi, I've had my Beetle now for about 5 months and I'm still in love with it.

About the 9 speed transmission on the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, during the first 3000 km it would shift erratically, and knock like it was going to drop off etc.

At first the dealership would say that it was normal, that it was adapting to my driving. And when a lot of other owners started to complain, they "tweaked the electronic control" on the transmission. It didn't stop it from knocking, but it didn't happen as often.

But that was just the trouble with the transmission; I had issues with the radio, the phone and back up camera and so on, aside from it having a noisy interior.

19th Apr 2016, 18:46

VW reportedly plans to drop the Beetle from its lineup after 2018. Sales have apparently tanked recently, despite the restyle; compare the number of reviews on this site for the last couple of model years vs. 2002-2003.

And a lot of those reviews were less than complimentary.

6th May 2016, 23:06

Hi, I'm the owner of this Beetle. I'm now up to 31,000km and no problems yet.

I still love driving this car, and even more since I can now drive with the sliding open roof! I've never had a car with an open roof, besides a convertible, where I could really see outside without having to look way up.

Getting back to the ride, winter driving was a charm and getting ice and or snow off is very easy because of the way it made.

Gas mileage was almost the same with this 2.5L injection engine, and the transmission was at par in heavy snow and/or icy roads.

On another note, for some unknown reason, the AM on the radio wouldn't play until the car started to get warm, but the FM always played?

So in summary, I still like this car and would buy it again. Plus the service at my VW dealer is A-OK.

Drive carefully.