1st Jul 2002, 16:55

I love driving my 98 new Beetle. Mileage is about 54000 miles. However, the cost is becoming too much. I too regret that I did not take the extended warranty and that's the first time for that thought. The window latches had to be replaced. The computer had to be replaced. The trunk lock had to be replaced and then still didn't work until sprayed with WD40. The gas cover latch had to be replaced and now the cover doesn't close flush with rest of car. The check engine light has come on twice in 3 weeks resulting in $950.00 in repairs for a secondary hose replacement and a master air something or other is being replaced as I write this. The shield under the car had to be replaced. The seats stain if only water gets on them. I've had the same headlight replaced twice.

8th Sep 2002, 00:44

Bought my 2000 beetle in august 99. Since then- the passenger window switch broke, engine light came on three times, regulator in the driver window broke, grinding brakes needed to be replaced. and I only have 20000 miles on it. I do both city and long distance driving on it.

If it weren't for the high dollar amount I seem to be spending on this car (warranty only 2 years), I love it. It's cute, it's got character and it's fun. But I just can't afford to have something or other break every couple of months. And the dealership I go to doesn't provide loaner cars.

27th Oct 2002, 14:23

I purchased my 2000 beetle last month and since then I have only minor problems, but seem to be common ones as well. driver side window switch broke and the storage compartment near the rear view mirror has broken as well.

Other than these few items so far it is a well running nice looking car.

2nd Dec 2002, 17:37

I love my 98 Beetle, but it, too, suffers from the various fates listed above. I bought it used and -- over the past two years -- it has blown two lights, four tires, a trunk latch, diesel hatch, two automatic windows and tomorrow it goes in for grinding brakes. Moreover, the roof lining dips and sags; the seats stain with water dribbles; and a vandal scratched triangles across the blue paint. And the battery blew up, gushing green goo all over the street. Lovely. Most annoying: Nearly every repair must go to the dealer, where usury seems to be part of the owner's manual. In retrospect, I should have looked beyond the stellar engine. The rest of the auto is pure trash.