2000 Volkswagen Beetle Highline 2.0 from South Africa


Awesome cool car for an independent couple prior to having children


The CV joints were replaced before delivery.

The auto window cable in driver side door broke - new part was R1000.00 fitted.

The ESP warning light keeps on coming on lately - not sure why.

The red water temperature light flashes every 2-3 weeks - topping up the water reservoir resolves it. Why is it using so much water?

Some strange knocking sound on the lower control arms or somewhere on the front suspension.

The dash/trim inside is soft and very fragile - inside panels gadgets loosely fitted. I think this is common with this generation VW.

Not enough boot space for family camping trips... hence selling...

General Comments:

A very nice drive for a sports coupe. Some say it's a woman's car. I think it's rather cool, and the 2.0 litre powerhouse performs well.

Fuel consumption is good for a 2 litre. Some conversions could save you a litre per 100km's (chip and freeflow exhaust system), but might cost R5000.

Very nice driving experience. Seems to be a reliable starter and runner for town drives.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2012

2000 Volkswagen Beetle LX 1.8 turbo from North America


Piece of CRAP!


We have had to replace the coil packs at least 5 times. That's $100 every time they break. Which isn't bad; it just adds up over time.

The transmission has been replaced; it cost $3,000. And still does not work right; it jumps into second and third gears.

The air broke. We had to buy a new compressor. I think that was $700. I've only had that for about 2 years. The air is messed up again. Last Friday I took it to be fixed, and it was some kind of switch. It was turned off and they had to turn it on; that cost me $275. It's now Wednesday and the air is broke again. I don't even want to know how much this is going to cost.

My oil pan broke, which was caused because someone that changed my oil put the wrong plug in it. The guy that fixed the transmission found that. So got a new oil pan.

Not even two weeks later the engine blew up. From the pieces of metal that went into the engine. I got a new one that cost $4000.

The above my windows, the interior is coming up. on both the driver and passenger sides. The locks are broke on the driver's side.

Oh, and it has a weird smell. Every bug that I've been in has that same smell. It smells like melted crayons or something. No matter what I do, I cannot get the smell out.

General Comments:

I love the way this car looks on the outside, but that is IT!!

I would not recommend this car to anyone. I would advise you to stay clear.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2011

14th Aug 2011, 02:21

So you sunk $7,000 into transmission and engine repairs when you could have used that money to buy a more reliable used Hyundai? Why?

15th Aug 2011, 11:34

What garage did you go to? Just to make sure that no one else goes there.

The other commenter has a good point, 7K could've gotten you a decent used a car. Heck, less than half of that could've gotten you a nice used car, and you would've had extra money to fix any problems.

2000 Volkswagen Beetle GLS 1.8 turbo from North America


It's a very dependable car, but has minor issues VW could easily improve upon


The secondary air pump failed after the second year. This is a Pierburg pump, and it developed a significant internal vibration and shook itself apart. A Pierburg problem, not VW. I replaced it with a used pump from a parts yard, and it's been fine since.

Valve cover gasket developed a leak at around 70,000 miles. I just replaced it.

The plastic oil dipstick well has broken twice, a $12 part. It seems heat weakens it over time.

Replaced the timing belt, tensioner, idler pulley and water pump. The water pump was replaced with a metal impeller pump; the original plastic one was beginning to break apart when I examined it. I used a Continental pump kit with metal impeller. No other mechanical issues with the car.

Interior trim areas like headliner and padded areas of door panels falling victim to high heat in Florida, and are separating. The soft touch plastic surfaces are getting gummy from the heat. VW needs to eliminate that soft touch coating they put on plastic components. To me, that is the worst thing I have had to deal with. Remove it with denatured alcohol, tedious work. Plastic parts are fine, just repaint them.

Remote mirror control switch broke, the knob broke off. Should be made stronger.

General Comments:

Car has had no significant issues and they drive great. We bought this car brand new. It has only had synthetic oil, and the fuel system is always treated with Lucas fuel additive.

The headlights can be challenging to change the bulbs in. VW upgraded the locking mechanism. Advisable to install the updated part.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2011

22nd Feb 2011, 05:59

VW has problems with many suppliers. Pierburg may be one that you have run into. But Hella is definitely another supplier that VW has problems with. Supplier related reliability problems are VAG problems, and they do not absolve VAG of responsibility.

Bottom line still remains that VAG has poor reliability.