2000 Volkswagen Beetle GLX 1.8 turbo from North America


Good gas saver car


Just replaced to drive belt ($ 20.00 @ Autozone), fuel filter ($ 16.95 @ Autozone), air filter ($ 8.00 @ Autozone), plugs (less than $ 16.00 for 4 @ Autozone), service manual ($ 18.00 @ Autozone); not too bad so far.

General Comments:

I just purchased to car for my wife as a gas saver around town. She loves it. It rides good, the turn really works good, has lots of head room. So far so good, even though all the negativity about the bugs.

If anyone can read a service manual, and has a little common sense, they can work on one of these. I will agree you have to keep up with all the maintenance on the new Beetles.

Think about it, it's German made.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2008

2000 Volkswagen Beetle 1.8L turbo from North America


Worst car ever made


Check engine light kept coming on.

Replaced the airflow sensor and fuel sensor.

Currently have the ABS and traction control lights are on and can't figure out the problem.

The brake light is also blinking and I don't know why.

Had to replace the water pump propelor because it was made out of plastic.

Turbo is currently not working to its full potential and don't know why.

And a bunch of the little things in the interior made out of plastic have broken.

General Comments:

I work on cars and have done most of the work on the car myself. I have not been able to figure out why why the turbo isn't working properly and why some of the lights are on. This car has been more of a nightmare. Ever since it hit 60,000 miles I have had nothing, but problems with it. I hate it and want to drive it off a cliff.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2008

2000 Volkswagen Beetle 1.8 turbo from North America


Outstanding little car


I have only had two minor issues with this car. When it was new there was a strange sound in the drivers side window. Had it checked several times, they only greased it and it has been fine ever since (6 years). There has also been a faint dragging sound (Like a stick dragging) from the under carriage on the drivers side. Have had that checked out many times, but nothing was ever found and it has never caused a problem...ever...just a noise. The only structural part that I don't like is the turn wheel to adjust the back of the seat position. Too difficult to turn. And those are my only complaints.

General Comments:

I love this car!! It's a happy car. Here's the best part... We just trailered my Harley Softail Delux from Northern Michigan to Daytona Beach Florida using a Kendon single rail motorcycle trailer.

The trailer was 300 pounds, the bike is 720 pounds. Had a Beetle hitch attached professionally and the ball height adjusted and we were off.

The RPM's held at 2,500 on the straight and narrow at 65 - 70 mph and never above 3,000 pulling it up the Cumberland and Smokey Mountains.

You should have seen the looks we got along this 1,400 mile trip! I am so proud of this little Beetle Bug!! This is no sissy car. I don't know if it's guts are due to the turbo or just that it's a great car.

I was very nervous when in the planning stages as we had been told by several VW dealers that Beetle Bugs are not made to haul anything. But once I learned from the trailer hitch folks that VW makes a hitch specifically for the Beetle that eased my fears.

By the way... This Beetle Bug has 115,000 miles on it too!! I will buy another one once this little tug boat is ready to retire.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2007

2000 Volkswagen Beetle GLS 2.0 115hp from North America


Good car, but if you're looking for low maintenance, you're better off with a Honda


Oh geez. I love my Volkswagen, I really do. But here's what's happened over the past year and a half... I keep all my records :)

1. Check Engine light on within first week at 68321 miles. Took it in, and it was the throttle body and cruise control. Fixed at no charge.

2. Check Engine again at 69210mi. This time they fully replaced the throttle body.

3. Check Engine AGAIN! Throttle Body for the third time. This time at 71516mi. Free under warranty.

4. Replaced Brake Light Switch under recall... no biggie, at 78822mi. Also had them tighten the shift linkage as it was becoming increasingly difficult to shift into gear and I was sometimes honked at when trying to start (at a light for example).

5. Catalytic Converter making all kinds of horrible noises from 74000mi. VW dealer told me several times it was nothing to worry about or to put premium gas in it once. Not necessary on the 2.0 SOHC, but I did what I was told.. to no avail. When I kept coming back, they rolled over and replaced my catalytic converter under warranty (with about 600 miles left to the 80k warranty on the cat).

6. One day I tried to turn on the car for the first time that morning, and it made a HORRIBLE sound and I smelled burning so I turned it off and had it immediately towed to the dealership. Mileage: 83661. The Spark Plug housing had actually gotten so hot that somehow it managed to melt the plug. And they tried to make me pay for it even though it was covered by warranty. On this day, I fought with them, paid the deductible, and cancelled my warranty for a pro-rated refund. Thanks guys. Their response? "This happens often to Fords." Well I didn't buy a damn Ford.

7. At 88000 miles, the water pump broke. I wouldn't have even known if I didn't take it in to have my mechanic change the timing belt. Even buying all the parts myself and going to a cheap guy, it ended up costing me close to a grand for this repair including the timing belt. And the car itself isn't even paid off.

General Comments:

I love my Volkswagen. I feel so good driving it and it takes turns like a champ with its rigid German engineering. I have customized the car to my liking and would not give it up unless it were to start costing me a lot for items which are not generally expected to go wrong.

I have zero trunk space with the things I keep back there, sub woofer, 6 disc changer and all kinds of car care stuff. My backseat is for luggage, or I use my Mercedes which is a phenomenal car.

Stock stereo system is great. Shape of the car makes for an excellent music experience (but you absolutely MUST add a subwoofer).

Like anything else, if you're good to it, it'll be good to you. My only regret is not buying it new.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2007

3rd Mar 2011, 09:57

I have one, it is the worst nightmare I have ever had!

Just a little thing like filling it up with gas is a big event! I have replaced every moving part on it, but when is it time to stop?